No sparkplug boot?????? not too shabby lol

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by brydonb, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. brydonb

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    I had some problems with my spark plug boot. I tried this after my boots' insides fell out. I havent had any problems with it so far. Its been like that for about a month, (I was out of commission for about a week out of the month).


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  2. Ozi

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    good, but when you need it the most it'll pop off....

    put a cable tie around it or at least some good tape to secure it a bit tighter.

  3. Ghost0

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    Don't get too close to it while it is running....ZAP!
  4. Pablo

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    :grin:That'll just put the official redneck stamp on the thing!!:p
  5. Rain City

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    that is simply halarious.
  6. Lorcher

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    I took mine off and wrapped the copper wire around the top of the plug and secured it with some electrical tape that melted real nice around the top of the plug. Works great.

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  8. Lorcher

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    I just purchased one of those spark plug lights


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    Let me know how it works :detective:
  10. AlexRSS8

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    Did you end up buying a new lead? a decent one???
  11. impression

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    my stock lead was copper wire stranded, so it was 'ok' but the boot was terrible, after it fell apart i pulled out some strands by stripping away the rubber and screwing it onto the spark plug with the brass threaded cap.
  12. fenderhole

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    is that blue painters tape holding your cdi on? that's awesome...
  13. Lorcher

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    Got that light up sparkplug. COOL.

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    Cool, Like amazing cool, or just kind of cool?
  15. Lorcher

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    cool as in mine looks cooler than yours kinda cool. Cool like I'm Fonzie and you are Ralph Malph. :grin5:

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    You can thank me for the that would be cool :cool2:
  17. Gungatim

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    you can take a small round eye hook and screw it into the cable. the round end can be bent at a 90deg and attached to the sparkplug; just unscrew the metal part of the plug, slip the end on and screw it back down. A lot of old engines were setup this way. If your plug doesn't have the removable screw post, just open the round end up a bit, slip on the plug, and crimp tight with a pair of pliers. Works like a charm...