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    ok let me start with don't flame me guys, my first try at posting a pic. if this works it shows my no spoke wheel, after braking spokes on 2 rims got tired and rigged this up. its a disc brake wheel and thats where I attached the sprocket (named after me lol) after adding a spacer to aligning it. hope the pic posting works. Thanks

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  2. NICE! Where you get the wheel?
  3. Thats sweet... The disc brake caliper gonna fit also?
  4. sprocket

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    don't know I don't use the disc brake, just use the regular rim pinch brake or calipers , I suppose you could use the disc brake. Thanks.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Revolution Cycles sells them
    26" MAG WHEELS

    There doesn't seem to be a current auction

    PS: I have talked to Bryan a few times and like the guy
  6. HI
    Nice work....I am working on an adapter too....How far in did you have to make the spacer go (as measured from the mounting point where the disc would have mounted to the point where the sprocket face bolts to the spacer nut you have).
    I think on my I was experimenting with 5/16 inch before the sprocket starts.
  7. sprocket

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    it's about 1/2" I just got some 5/16 nuts I think and used them for spacers, this way they would be even. thanks
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    I'd rather have a good DH wheel any day.
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    i have that mag set...( if you got them from rev boy cant wait ontill ebay bans him )
    setting in my basement i would like to get them to work what size tire do you have on them and do you trust that mounting you dont have a straight axle on them

    andy i could send you my wheel so you can make a spacer and 48 tooth sprocket or is you current sprockets drilled for disk brakes ? maybe we can help each other
  10. MasterLink

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    what motor are you useing ?
  11. HI Masterlink,

    Thanks for the offer....However, my current sprockets already come pre drilled for the standard ISO 6 bolt disc hub mounts (they are also drilled for the HD 8 MM 9 bolt mounts and the next batch will also be drilled to accept the standard 9 hole 6 MM pattern.... Soon all 3 mounting patterns will be on each sprocket).

    For many people, disc mounting works fine but for some the sprocket (being further out from the spokes than the normal 9 hole mounting system would have placed the sprocket) may interfere with the rear frame stays or some cases the chainline will be too extreme (again this only affects some frame and wheel combos).

    To see if it may affect your combo, you can cut a piece of cardboard about 1/4 inch thick and 6 inches in diameter (the approximate size of a 36T sprocket) and hold it against where the disc would mount and see if the cardboard "sprocket" hits anything....The smaller the sprocket the less likely the sprocket will hit the rear stays....

    If you find problems, the remedy is to re-dish the wheel and/or re-space the wheel by moving the adjusting cones and using spacers as needed. Re-dishing is not an option with "mag" type wheels since they have no spokes to alter the wheel "dish".

    While the above will solve the problems for most people, they are not necessarily the optimal solution....re-dishing weakens the wheel and re-spacing (and to a certain extent re-dishing) may induce slightly "weird" feel to the bike since the rear wheel will be out of line from the front wheel....this is not necessarily bad.....just different.....

    I am currently working on an adapter to reposition the sprocket closer to the spokes using the 6 hole disc mount and 9 hole sprocket (with enlarged center hole)....version 2 of this adapter will move the sprocket AND (hopefully) allow the end user the option to still use the disc brake itself...(I'll post pics in the vendors section).


    PS - While "overkill" I have toyed with the idea of making an adapter so that a person can run 2 discs for braking on each wheel (of course you would have to purchase another disc caliper and probably run a dual pull lever to actuate them)...Just a thought at this time tho....
  12. sprocket

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    hi masterlink the tires are 26x175, they work fine. and as you can see I compensted for the line up by putting a spacer placing them deeper than the disc brake would be, it is aligned perfect. glad to help in any way. thanks
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    masterlink to answer your second question, I'm using a china girl 49cc engine. also have a russian motor the original that china girl was copied from, but that is for another project involbing a beach ballon tire rolling rock bike. going to put a 1.2 gal beer barrell on the back for a gas tank. thanks
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    there was a guy on a bike ride i went to one night..he was on one of thos bikes he didnt like the bike made a bunch of noise when he stooped lol but i like the keg ideal rock on man i like the paint on that bike hope u will post pics soon

    did you get thos rimes from ebay whats the name on them if you look at my gallary u will see mine let me know if there the same ones

    andy i cant wait i will get a sprocket from you but you will need to answer your phone and what will you charge for the adapter ?
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    hey masterlink, yes I got them from eby I really can't remember the name of them but there were alot of them some for disc braker some without, I coulden't find your pictures to see if they were the same sorry. but they sure solve the problem of spokes. thanks
  16. HI Masterlink,

    Check for the more info on the hub adapter in the vendors section....I started a new post there complete with pics!

  17. MasterLink

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    there is the link sorry i thought it was easy to see not sure whay its not in there but heres the link

    andy i will go check it out now thanks
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    hey yea masterlink they look exactly like mine. and enjoyed the other pictures, were you thinking of doing the samething ? here to help. rocky
  19. MasterLink

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    thanks man i sure am iam looking for a different bike first and cool thanks

  20. appye

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    So do you guys think these wheels would be stronger than a wheel that uses spokes? I am trying to decide between getting these wheels, I found some here, or having wheelmaster put me together a wheel with 9 gauge spokes. What do you think would be the stronger between the two for a chain drive system using a GP460 engine?