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May 31, 2008
corpus christi texas
ok let me start with don't flame me guys, my first try at posting a pic. if this works it shows my no spoke wheel, after braking spokes on 2 rims got tired and rigged this up. its a disc brake wheel and thats where I attached the sprocket (named after me lol) after adding a spacer to aligning it. hope the pic posting works. Thanks


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Nice work....I am working on an adapter too....How far in did you have to make the spacer go (as measured from the mounting point where the disc would have mounted to the point where the sprocket face bolts to the spacer nut you have).
I think on my I was experimenting with 5/16 inch before the sprocket starts.
i have that mag set...( if you got them from rev boy cant wait ontill ebay bans him )
setting in my basement i would like to get them to work what size tire do you have on them and do you trust that mounting you dont have a straight axle on them

andy i could send you my wheel so you can make a spacer and 48 tooth sprocket or is you current sprockets drilled for disk brakes ? maybe we can help each other