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  1. Just finished the build today. Took it out, turned on the gas valve, flipped the choke up, tickled the carb, fuel line is full and it dribbled out the bottom of the carb. Downhill, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal. Not so much as a fart. I ran out of time 'cause I had to go to work.

    Blue to blue, black to black, yellow kill switch wire to blue, black kill switch wire screwed to the frame. Plug is snug and gapped at about .025. I think I will take the kill switch out of the loop first, and go from there.

    Any ideas?


  2. s_beaudry

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    Take the kill switch out and try it again....

    My brand new 66cc had a bad kill switch, once I unhooked it, she fires right up!
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    Many engines will not start or run with full choke. Full choke it for first start attempt to prime a dry carb. Thereafter, use less choke and fiddle with it as you pedal-hopefully down hill.
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  4. I took the kill switch outta the loop, and still no luck. I'll try your suggestion about less choke when I have time tomorrow. If I have no luck there, I'll go get an NGK spark plug, since they perform better anyway, and see how it goes.

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    hi don; pull the plug and lay it aginst a head bolt, clutch out spin rear tire. some new plugs are bad. unscrew plug wire (lefty loosy) to check connection. you can get a coil wire at any car parts store. when you get it running start checking all hardware for tight.
  6. Skyliner 70cc, You are the lucky winner!! I set the choke at about one half, and it fired up instantly! I took it back to the garage, re-wired the kill switch and looked at all the nuts and bolts, then took it on a 5.5 mile run, up and down hills to see how it holds together. Perfect! What a cool ride. I'm paranoid about the chain jamming, so I keep it to about 10 or 12 mph. I can't wait to get off work tomorrow morning so I can play some more.:grin: