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  1. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    I started this thread to compile our experiences of riding our MB's without tags.

    I know about 6 guys who ride with no issues.

    What are your experiences and those of your fellow riders?

  2. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Only one stop ever, a few hard looks, and some general chit chat with officers, including bicycle cops. I once tried to beat a cop to the end of a road, with stop signs in between, his dodge charger is faster than my putt putt engine needless to say....

    I think the stop was because it was 5 am, dark, and my electrical system had a failure, and I didnt have my proper lights as per the usual. Think they were looking to catch another person who has a dirt bike around here and runs red lights, goes up the wrong way on one way roads, other assorted bs... I guess their first indicator that it wasn't the right guy was that I pulled over when they threw their lights. All went well, seemed like a rookie looking for his big break mostly.

    Im thinking I should change the color of my gas tank, looks a little like that guys. It's an old beat up white painted tank from a suzuki ts125, holds 2 and a half gallons.

    But otherwise the cops are pretty friendly towards me, some even comment on "how cool" the bike really looks.

    Other discussions are held about its legality status, advice is tread lightly and be respectful, "Grey area" just means the line is drawn at interpretation, if you're a jerk, the cop CAN LEGALLY be the bigger jerk, and you'll be crossing the line before you even shut your engine off.

    Riding with a smile is free, keep it that way.
  3. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Here in Arizona MB's are just bicycles, we don't need anything 'legal'.
  4. Frankenstein

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    PA kinda defines it as a bicycle, it doesn't have enough definition to say it is a moped, or not a moped, just a few things that Almost fit, and when it comes to law, generally, almost isnt good enough, basically if your in PA, and get pulled over, be POLITE. However you should also stand your ground and stick with a motorbike being in the Grey area by legal definition. In my encounter he pulled up a website on his phone which stated "the law" on motorized bicycles. I stuck with the "that website is simply interpretating our law, incorrectly, and they list laws/regulations on every state, and it's doubtful that they have any legal experience in most of the state's they list, if any. And pointed out the 'this Web page is not a suitable replacement for a real legal representative' branded across the top and bottom of the page" defense.

    Then proceeded to pull up the copy of the PA state trooper handbook down loaded in my phone, along with the laws that actually define it. Yes it's a bike with a motor, and yes it's got pedals. No it does t fit the definition because it's got a non standard transmission being a bicycle derailleur but it's not part of the motor, and clutching is not required to change gears, only to go into "neutral" amongst other things...