Nobody ever walked on the moon

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    Happened upon a discussion on a forum discussing this and there were a lot of back and forth ( I posted a topic on this when the Combustion chamber was available- could not find that section- so here goes-)

    Two videos say it all.

    This is the vid that is mentioned in the above interview- especially the 2nd half-

    According to the producer, astronaut James Irwin was to speak to a moon landing investigator within three days from his call, Irwin died of a heart attack on the third day. Never to be heard from.
    Wonder what information Irwin was to relate?

    This is very similar to an event involving Andrew Breitbart who was going to expose "O" to the nation.
    Breitbart went out the evening before the exposure was to occur and died on his walk home of a heart attack (he was 43).
    Subsequently, the medical examiner for Mr. Breitbart also died of a heart attack. End of case.

    The CIA has a lethal injection that mimics a heart attack.
    But of course, that agency never kills anyone.
    It is against the "Rules".
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    Conspiracy oriented hey?
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    The word conspiracy means, con-"With" and spirit - breath. So it means to breathe the same spirit. The elete who run the world ( Rothschild, Illuminati, Builderburgers and lucerferians) run the world.

    It is no co-incidence the Federal Reserve "Bank" is neither federal, nor are there any reserves. It, and all the western central banks are run by the same banksters.
    From whom all the modern wars were hatched. The same, make tons of money off war.

    Some of the same companies involved in war-making are in the space program.

    Governments universally, have no incentive to be honest.

    Quite the opposite, lying, controlling the media and education are the means to maintaining vast transfers of wealth from the public to them.

    It has worked for a very long time but their days are numbered.
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    I've researched the moon landing hoax and it just gets too hard to form a decisive conclusion because there is so much material to prove it did not happen, but then again there is so much material to prove it 'did' happen.

    I can't come to any conclusion and am still in limbo after much research on the subject.