Nobody ever went to the moon

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    Have any of you seen the internet stuff done on the fake moon landing?

    I didn't know about the "Van Allen Radiation belt" that is so strong it would have killed anyone attempting to pass thru it on the way to the moon in a spacecraft.
    "Another small step for mankind"

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    Beware of people in tin hats.
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    You still don't know about such a belt, because whilst the Van Allen particle radiation belt exists, the radiation flux therein is insufficient to kill persons passing through it, even with the minimal radiation screening provided by the flimsy Apollo spacecraft. Were you to remain for a protracted period in the regions of highest charged particle flux intensity you might receive a lethal dose, but no one has done so. The Apollo spacecraft passed through the Van Allen belts fairly quickly.

    The fact that some person or persons have made a You'selessTube video claiming a thing as fact is NOT indicative of its truth. The Japanese Lunar orbiting satellite that carries a high resolution mapping camera for the Lunar surface has obtained photographs of most of the Apollo landing sites - in each such site the remains of the lunar descent stages is clearly visible, as are Lunar Rovers where such were used (Apollo 15, 16, and 17).

    The internet hoopla claiming the Apollo landings were faked smacks mightily of envy. I've examined such claims in the past, and they do not stand up to careful study at all.
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    That is just another myth going around, as stated. I remember a good one from back when cable TV just started. People were saying not to get it because there was a transmitter in the TV's so the government to watch what we were doing in our homes!

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    Good responses.
    I am so used to lies coming from (you know where) sources that another one just seemed logical.
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    There were literally millions of people involved in the Apollo project, and thousands involved in the launches and flight control/monitoring systems, not too mention 21 men who travelled to the Moon, and 10 who actually landed on it. Men of high character and strong beliefs in what they were doing - keeping any such secret with those numbers involved would be an utter impossibility.
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    myth busters busted the myth... look it up
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    Don't think so.

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    In total agreement.
    :jester:However it does not explain the Stuckies sign in the background of the pics.....appears to be the one right outside of Lubbock.
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    I have never seen that picture. I would be very suspicious of it. If the Feds wanted to fake the pictures and video they would have done it in a very secure area. Like area 54 or what ever that place is called. We all know how easy it is to fake a picture. Even back then they could do it.

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    sooo... I take it you dont watch myth busters???
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    The 'No one walked on the moon' 'movement' is ITSELF a hoax!

    It would be impossible, even today, to fake the scientific evidence in the moon rocks returned to earth.

    One example is in the dust. Moon dust contains a large number of tiny glass nodules, produced when meteors impacted the moon. These 'dust nodules' were spread over the surface of the moon by the impacts. The moon, being airless, allows micro-meteors to to impact the surface as well, since there's no air to stop these high speed dust particles from impacting. (Unlike the earth, where they are blocked by the atmosphere)

    Many of the dust nodules from the moon show tiny impact craters themselves, caused by the high speed dust particles striking them. We don't have the technology to produce moon dust with these sorts of characteristics, even today.

    Another argument that the 'moon hoaxers' can't argue with is the laser reflectors left behind at the various landing sites. Scientists have been bouncing lasers off these reflectors every clear night since we left them behind.

    The history channel ran a documentary a few months back, discrediting the 'moon hoax' movement's claims with facts - every one of them.

    Here's a good site as well.
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    mythbusters went further than that... they went to an observatory and shot a giant laser beam at a reflector set on the moon by one of the Apollo missions (11 I think).

    They shot one beam at a blank spot on the surface.... then shot at the reflector. The proof was in the reflected photons that came back to the observatory.

    That was one test they did out of a half dozen or so that confirmed the moon landing.
  14. professor

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    We use lazer alignment tools at work to align propleller shafts.
    You do realize a lazer's reflector must be aimed exactly back to a specific location or the reflection would not be able to be sensed.
    With both the earth and moon rotating, you would have a finite amount of time to bounce a beam back to a target here. IF the reflector was pre-aimed exactly.
    Doesn't seem viable to me.
    Is Mythbusters a sub- section of the Utopians?
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    You are aware that they are not flat reflectors right? Kind of like some used in conveyor systems. They allow for being hit and reflecting to multiple angles.
    Also the finite time you mention can easily be overcome with the knowledge of where the target is when you shoot the lazer. You don't even need NASA for that one. Ask any amateur astronomer.
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    are you serious???

    Its a show on the discovery channel... they are obsessed with science and data. Totally neutral.... if were a myth they would have found the flaws. They even took a ride on a gravity simulation jet to "replicate" the moon-walk.

    I seriously suggest you watch the show before you comment any further.... it looks bad to the millions of people that have seen the show.
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    2 suggestions:
    1. Deep breaths while counting to ten.
    2. Post a link to the show. I am coming up empty.
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