Noise Levels 2 vs. 4 stroke and a few idea's

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Canadian Biker, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Canadian Biker

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    My concern is noise level.

    Which one is louder the 2 stoke engine or the 4 stroke engine?
    Which one would be easier to make quiet?

    I am basically looking at a stealth rack mounted basic engine kit to begin with. My original idea was to make it look like cargo bags on either the side of the rack. Looking into the crazy possibility of mounting the engine on the side hence making it look like cargo bags on the back rack. Gas tank on one side, engine on the other side. However the milk crate bike listed in the Photo Gallery forum gave me another great idea. Which is easier and looks good.

    I'd then quickly move up to a top of the line, bigger 120+cc engine. If its harder to make the bigger engine stealth-like on a rack mount setup. I would then look into the idea of a pusher trailer that's either foldable into a big duffle bag like a hockey back. OR. Making it look like a bike courier trailer (slim/sleak) or bulky child carrier.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. professor

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    Last thought first- a bike trailer of any kind is an attention magnet.

    I made a little single wheel trailer and what I liked, is that it did not take up much road space and would follow me anywhere. the key to the setup was I used a u-joint off a hd rack on the bike to connect the trailer. The joint has to be mounted with the yokes like a plus sign- works perfectly - used a joint off a steering column. That trailer could be motorized.
    The cargo rack idea was done on here a while back using a small engine.

    I use a milk crate for carrying stuff and a small gas engine could easily go in there like you referred to. But the engine can't be big or it will stick upward and the rack has to be strong.

    I think a 2 stroke is naturally louder than a 4 stroke. Compare a chain saw to a mower engine- both without muffs- which is louder?
    With enough mufflering a 2 stroke can be very quiet, though when you are hiding stuff it is hard to fit a lot of mufflering. Intake roar has to be killed too and on a 2 stroke- that is necessary.
    Here is what I mentioned before:
    In NY anything with an engine has to be registered. My bike is now a legal moped- a 1977 Puch. Bought a basket case for the registeration and added the necessary lights to my bike. I am never bothered, because I look and ride safe and that plate is on the back. Still, everything is hidden as I want it to look like a bicycle.

    The belt drive / engine in a milk crate is quite appealing to me, might do another one - still would use that plate.
  3. Canadian Biker

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    In all of Canada (atleast Alberta) anything under 50cc is good to go without a license plate, registration, insurance or the golden drivers license.

    I'd like to know if and how you got insurance? They probably insure anything, not much a bike can do damage to.
  4. professor

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    I did go for insurance because here the speed level (that is how they are classed) required it, cost was 50 bucks.
    My agent liked it that I have a motorcycle license though.
    Remember, it is now a Puch moped. Something insurers have a record of. It is customized, but legally a Puch.