Noisy hubcaps!?

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    My parents have an old Camry and my Mom hit a curb and knocked one off. Dealer wanted $70 each to replace!! I bought some off Ebay and they had them installed at the automotive place when the wheels were aligned.

    They make a crunching sound that is "embarrassing" to my mom, so they think the solution is to spend more money on hubcaps. I don't think it's the caps, but from what I read the wheel being warped, the caps being loose or stripped, etc.

    I have read a few tips like placing rubber bands around the clips or using double sided foam-like tape... switching cap to another wheel to see if it is warped, etc.

    My parents are the type that just throw money at a problem and/or replace something completely rather than troubleshoot or fix it. Case in point was a rusty faucet valve on one of two matching bathroom sinks. A quick internet search by my dad turned up no results for the part, so he decided he was going to just replace both bathroom faucets completely (hundreds of dollars). I had to rush in and track down the right parts from the manufacturer (he was searching for the wrong part number) and I fixed the sink for $40.

    This approach of just buying new stuff all the time would be fine if they were rich, but they aren't.... so I have a small window to try and fix things before wasted money is spent. My dad has already been on the phone looking for the original Toyota caps, and I'm pretty positive the caps are not the problem. I know the best bet would be rims, but the car is old and money is tight.

    Anyone know a sure fix, or have any suggestions?

    I really appreciate it! I've never had to work so diligently to try and save someone money before...It's strange and frustrating at the same time! :sweatdrop:
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