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  1. HunterB

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    I'm in the process of rebuilding my motorized bicycle from the ground up again. I am tired of dealing with replacing flat tubes in the back tire.
    I was thinking about placing a NoMoreFlat solid tube in the rear.
    What are yalls thoughts on this?

  2. bakaneko

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    Don't. It adds added weight to your back tire reducing your speeds by 2-3 mph and in addition because it is a hard rubber it is also a bad shock absorber. Lastly, the tube is very skinny so depending on your prior tire it will shift your sprocket or cause your brakes to be misaligned. Oh, and it is near impossible to remove after you put it on. LOL

    There are many tips to prevent flats.
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  3. HunterB

    HunterB New Member

    Ive had them before but not on a motorized bicycle. Im okay with the trouble of getting the tire off once they are on. And im okay with losing a few mph. I have a bbr sproket adapter so its not goimg to move.
    Im just wondering if anyone has already done this and what they experienced.
  4. bakaneko

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    Yeah, I am speaking from experience. I mean it you lose speed and acceleration for the luxury of no more flats but the downsides are too great. I think the biggest for me is that regular air tubes add a lot of shock absorb and most likely your front tire will be bigger than your no-more-flat rear tire so its feels like an unnatural new angle to the bike. If you feel comfortable with those tubes and have done it before on regular bikes then yes it does work with motorbikes with the downside of acceleration and speed lost.
  5. CrazyDan

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    I wouldn't do it if on a solid frame. If you have a jackshaft kit with a suspension frame then go for it, if not, that solid tube will remove your only shock absorber in the rear. Expect a higher chance of bent rims, spokes, axles and frames. Your poor bearings will get crushed on every bump... There are other options out there. Have you given the kevlar tire lining a shot yet?
  6. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    Slime super thick tubes with a tire liner, and a puncture guard tire...... If something gets through that, you need to stop riding:D
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  7. Randall

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    I second Frankfort MB's suggestion. I have that setup and have had no problem what so ever. And I live in goat head (puncture vine) territory. I was replacing inner tubes like socks last year.
  8. CrazyDan

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    I have goatheads where I live as well, they love to grow on the sides of the road so I always get a few in my tire each ride. Slime with a kevlar lining hasn't failed me yet *crosses fingers*. If I had to deal with nails in my tire daily I would think if moving on to solid tubes, but I try to avoid riding in construction areas lol.
  9. jaguar

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  10. Steve Best

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    I've used them all (liners, thick tubes, mousse) on motorcycles and recently put a Bell self-sealing tube on my Schwinn electric. They all come at cost of rolling resistance. Thin tubes (or no tubes!) roll the easiest.

  11. Frankfort MB's

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    Probably but as soon as those tires get rolling it's harder too stop:)

    Both a good thing and a bad thing:p
  12. JunkyardDog

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    I use super thick tubes, with a motorcycle product called Ride-On in them. Unless you run over a nail or something really big, that will stop the flat problem. I have tried tire liners, but had problems getting them to stay in place while installing the tire. I also do not recommend using those solid tubes. Not only are they super heavy and almost impossible to install or remove, they provide the equivalent of about 20psi. So you get a lot of rolling resistance from a tire that is basically less than half inflated. I always inflate my tires to the max pressure molded into the sidewall. My friction drive setup works fine that way.