nomorflats foam tube review



ok, After my true flat story I decided to give nomorflats [destributed by Bell] a go. First! the foam tubes are available in lots of sizes that wal mart does not stock and if you need a custom size just contact the manufactor nomorflats. I ordered a 2" tube for my 26 x 1.95 armadillo tire. contrary to others installation stories mine went on with a minimal of cuss words. After I got the tire and tube on i did the bounce test which I thought might just thud when dropped from 1ft.To my surprise the tire bounced almostlike a air filled tire. Next came a 20 + mile test ride. Going over bumps on a full susp mtb I could not tell a lot of difference versus a air tire. I did notice some side to side wiggle from the rear of the bike. After the ride I grabbed the rear nomorflat tire and was able to push the tire[a little not a lot] from side to side
and noticed that the tire was warmer than the front air filled tire. This heat concerns me and makes me wonder how the nomorflats foam tube will hold up on 60 to 100 mile rides in warmer to hot temps. So far I like the foam tube but time will tell:cool:
I've rode a few hundred miles on a rear tire with one myself, with no issues. I'm 100% pleased with my nomorflats inner tube. And I regularly see 40+mph speeds.

I'm now going to re-use it again for my new bike.

I highly recommend the nomorflats bike tubes. Also the ride is smoother with them.

They are a bit heavy compared to an air tire, but I'm fine with that because they never go flat.