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christian fundamentalcase?

  1. no way, i think!

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  2. yes, jesus is lord and master.

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  1. suspect

    suspect Member

    just getting a feel for this forum, seems dominated by the christian right, i knew america in general was, but this is an international forum and i have to say i find it amazing coming face to face with the prejudice and obstinate ignorance.

    myself im somewhat agnostic, i grew up christian, which isnt the norm here in NZ, but saw thru it at a fairly young age.

    please give a brief explanation of your religious belief if you dont mind the crazies getting your number.

  2. scokes

    scokes Member

    I would say I'm on religious parole. Early release for time served. Look deeper into the CC and you will see, it is not dominated by the faithful per say, but the ones who are openly religious are definitely more persistent (or maybe even stubborn). There have been some good conversations about religion here, although most threads here are political. That just goes to show what matters more to the fella's here.

    Welcome to the CC. Let's get some more religious topics out there.....
  3. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    I believe that Jesus the concept is a great thing to think about... but I don't believe he's the Son of God anymore than you or I are the son of God. He actually said he's not God, and the Bible even says that "The One" will be a physical descendant of David, which means Joseph would really have to be Jesus' father.

    Jesus was a good teacher of spirituality, which is the connectedness of God and all people.
  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    dream on suspect

    you may have grown up with some Christians
    but you were apparently never a Christian

    true Christ followers do not just slip to the other side like that

    have you ever heard of once saved always saved ??

    you are not a Christian if you are not saved

    I am not making the call -- call your own self

  5. suspect

    suspect Member

    haha, nutjob, i was a catholic anyway, so probably none of them are saved in your book either.
  6. suspect

    suspect Member

    technically, im still catholic of course, a secular catholic? a denominational catholic?
    whatever, i recognise it as a complete load of mad bollocks.
  7. scokes

    scokes Member

    How can one who belives God has given us free-will believe in that "once saved" cr@p?

    Otherwise, why would you pray for forgiveness of your sins. It's called "Back-sliding"
  8. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Actually, I haven't heard of once saved, always saved. What does it derive from? What does it mean. You're telling me that I can go get baptized, like I was when I was a child... and I'll automatically go to Heaven?? Wow.. that's amazing.

    Did you know that IN THE BIBLE, someone goes to Heaven who wasn't baptized. It was the thief on the cross next to Jesus. He was never baptized, but he repented, and Jesus assured him that he'd see him in Heaven. The next biggest message found in the NT, besides LOVE... is FORGIVENESS!! That means that everything (especially religion) is out the door provided that you are a good and have a BIG heart. See here for several examples, MM. PLEASE watch it all the way thru. BTW, they lumped a ton of agnostics in there, calling them atheists... so don't consider all of them to be as they're labeled.
  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I once saw a TV special where a guy had a life after death experience... Clinically dead. He said that he asked JESUS into his heart in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Then proceeded to describe his ascent into ****... when he had lost hope, he saw a long tunnel with a bright figure at the end drawing him closer. It was JESUS and he instantly felt warm, safe, and loved. Then he described Heaven and his experiences there. He said he saw a green meadow close to where he lived and JESUS asked if he wanted to go back and be with his mom. He said he didnt want to come back because it was so wonderful but he did anyways.

    Moral of the story I dont think you need to be baptized to go to heaven... and I think the converse is true. If you are baptized and then later reject JESUS I dont think that guarantees your way in.

    Do you know the process in islam to become a muslim???
  10. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Islam has never tangibly affected me, VTEC, other than giving Christian Extremists a crappy reason to destroy Iraq's vast supply of antiquities and murder HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent Iraqis.

    As for your story of somebody asking for Jesus while "passing over"... my friend's uncle, the moderate pill head that's had a ton of troubles in his life, had the same "white light" story, except Jesus wasn't involved. He was sayin' some deep shiz, but it was focused on God & the Spirit. I specifically remember him saying something that was worded pretty oddly, "We only need to do good on this earthly plane...", (he also said something about how all the religions have it mostly right but don't remember exactly how he phrased that bit, something about Jesus & Buddha, so I'll just go ahead and consider that each of them represent God and Spirit) and it just sounded so weird, but so true, that I thought he was telling the truth.

    Perhaps he wasn't telling the truth, tho. Perhaps he was mistaken. Perhaps my dream the other night could have been interpreted as the Blackwater Executives, some friends of mine, and the Iraqis? Does it really matter who those people are, because the message is still UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Perhaps some of you "Christians" need to look up that word, because from the Koran thread, you guys have no idea.

    P.S. - You should be using the Spirit to talk to God directly!! Do NOT go thru Jesus. Jesus even said so, himself!!

    (And BTW, sake means "cause", so Jesus' cause is love & forgiveness)


    Now, I'd like to show you a pretty close order of how the books of the Bible were written


    So... Just as I had expected, Paul's version comes first... then Mark's... then Matthew & Luke start ripping off the other two... then Revelations... and then John. A true Christian would focus on the earlier works like Paul and Mark more than the rest. As was seen in the footnote (13) for Matthew 19:17, Matthew's reformation of the Marcan question "softens" Jesus' repudiation of good for himself. So there's no debate about Paul's works, and now we know Mark was written next.

    When you read those two, the MOST historically accurate of the gospels, you can see how the divine transformation of Jesus begins to occur gradually with the creation of book after book. Paul's books came first, and there was no mention of a Virgin Birth. How could he forget something SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!?!? Then Mark seems mostly moderate. The others start twisting his words around like people on this forum are so very fond of doing, even tho you could simply just quote the person you're talking of. And then lastly, John seems to be the only one cited that shows Jesus specifically calling himself God and that the ONLY way to get to God is thru Jesus, etc. [CITE]

    Two of the latest books to be written, Revelation & John, seem to be the main foundation of most Protestants' focus (i.e. - Mountainman). I do believe this is where the focus on the Rapture comes into play among other things, and most of this stuff has nothing to do with Jesus' sake (AKA: Jesus' cause). Regardless if Jesus is God or not (and even if he's just a figment of your imagination or not), I know good and well the ORIGINAL (read: true, real) Jesus in the Bible wouldn't want you freaking people out with End Times bull junk and how baptism is the only way to be saved, then you'll always be saved, causing them to COMPLETELY forget about living for Jesus' cause TODAY!

    Why pick the LEAST accurate of the books to focus on?!? I'll never understand these literalists, who believe in the "inerrant" word of MAN that is copied, hacked, spliced, & pasted.
  11. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Oh, did I just copy & paste that huge quote block from the Bible? I forgot that's frowned upon here. So sorry.
  12. linnix13

    linnix13 Member

    no I'm a hardcore atheist, my parents were Christian and so were my grandparents, but I could never believe in something like that, I tried, but it seemed so difficult to swallow, there is so much proof of evolution yet nothing of god, except the bible of course, here is how I see it, we as people always want a simple answer, were lazy, it's are nature, and it wasn't that long ago we thought the world was flat, well we can't comprehend how complex our existence really is, were simple minded, and we have no way to believe in space and all that, think about it, in the 1200's and earlier no one knew anything of space, we had no engines or electronics, we had no way to know how anything worked, so we simply made something up, someone wrote the bible to get an easy answer to it all, I mean what's easier to believe, that our existence is a complex mesh of evolution and time and naturaly occurring organisms, or god did it, the latter is alot more simple, I took a religion course for kicks in school, it was entertaining but there is no way I would ever believe in something like that, its madness, I think as time goes on the theory of god will be long gone, 500 years ago almost 100% of humans believed in god, and in my area less than 60% believe in god, so il give it 150 years tops before god is ruled out, and even if it was believable how can there be a god when you look at how F ucked up the world is, honestly, all the poverty and rape and murder? I don't see how,
    anyways that was my rant, my theory, it was meant to offend no one, so please, I hope no one thinks any less of me because of that, I respect other people and there beliefs, no matter what,
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  13. linnix13

    linnix13 Member

    oh and another thing, there are so many religions out there, that are completely different, its just retarded to think your religion is the "right one"

    religion causes alot of war, i think if there was a god then everyone would be in the one religion, and some of the things in the bible are just so physically impossible, its impossible to explain without righting a **** book here, i could go on for about 5 hours all the flaws on the bible and all my thoughts, and then some religious person would counter all that for five hours, religion is cool as long as your not all up in someones face about it, i have these Mormon guys come to my door and try to convert me, i let them in and talk to them for a good hour or so, i try to counter there attacks, sometimes it works, i always take like 18 Mormon books,too, there great fire starters!!

    again sorry no offence intended, im just combusting my chamber, hey thats what its here for right?
  14. linnix13

    linnix13 Member

    and aparently christians dont beleave animals have souls? THATS MEAN!

    haha i think that there is a soul, and that all living things have it,(exept fish and trees and like see urchants, etc)

    thinking people have souls and animals dont is way wrong, we ARE animals, were all the same,

    people get ****ed cause a fox is in there yard digin up ****, its not your yard they were there first,

    oh and no im not a hippie,

    i eat a fat 10lb stake if i want, i just like animals,