Non-leaking Gas Can Fuel Pump?


Ray In San Jose

I am still using the small stock 0.65 liter fuel tank on my GEBE 35cc. For my 32 mile daily commute, this means I have to add gas every day.

My problem is that my screw-top-cap plastic gas cans leak a little bit of gas at the spout every time I use them.

How do others get around this leaking problem?

I need a solution that is leakproof since I store the gas cans in my garage (but away from my gas water heater and furnace pilot lights!).

Does anyone have experience with the Han-D-Pump made by Instep? The Internet reviews seem rather mixed (leaking where the pump connects to the gas can)

Thanks in advance!
plastic gas can

The gas can I got works great. I picked it up years ago at Home Depot or Target. It has a spring operated nozzle so I put the nozzle in my tank, pull back on the spring loaded part, then let go when I'm done. I've honestly never even had a drip.

This doesn't answer your question about the hand pump, but....