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    Here's my latest build, even tho it isn't motorized.
    it's a giant stilletto chopper that i picked up a few months ago for free.
    it was in bad shape, rusty chrome, bent front wheel, sidewalls blown out of the tires, spray can paint job on the fender, tank and chain guard, and bmx bars.
    I cleaned up the chrome, rebuilt and painted the rear wheel. I put a 24" x 3.45" hoggy G slick from 3 g bikes on the rear.
    the front wheel is an araya 700C from a road bike. I polished the hoop and painted the spokes and the hub. The front tire is a super skinny road bike tire.
    I stripped the paint from the tank, fender and chain guard. I picked up an old 5 speed stick shifter for $10.00 and mounted it to the top bar of the frame. Then, I cut a slot in the fake gas tank for the shifter to stick out.
    I made the shift knob from an old minature pool ball.
    I primed and painted the fender and tank with aztek gold laquer and put about 5 coats of clear over it.
    the handlebars are specialized aluminum mtn bike bars and i polished them. I got them for free from the local bicycle recyling shop. The aluminum brake lever is another free part and i polished it as well. The grips are chrome with black rubber diamond inserts (off e-bay). the shifter is only a 5 speed but the rear wheel is a 7 speed, so I have it set up to shift 1-5 gears only. It doesn't have enough throw to shift all 7 gears.
    I really didn't modify anything other than the gas tank, the shifter, and adding the 700c front rim but i think those few mods added a totally cool look to the bike.
    I have about $100.00 in it including the $10.00 i paid for the road bike that the front wheel came off of, both new tires, primer, paint, the shifter and new cables.
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    That's sexy!
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    That's a winner.
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    Nice bike. Very cool shifter. Looks like a fun ride.
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    A recent commuter bike I just finished

    Not on the same level as what you've put together....
    But an old dinosaur that I cleaned up and turned into a commuter.
    Turned out pretty good...

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    Nice work, Psycho. It looks like you're an accomplished painter. Did you polish your triple trees, mine are painted black. I understand these bikes are very fast despite their weight, wondering why Giant put caliper lugs on front fork, but no front brake. I like the way your larger front wheel raises the profile. I swapped the 20" front for a 24" with a 3" tire and disc brake.
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    Yes i polished the triple trees, but they wer enot painted when i got the bike, they were already bare aluminum.
    I don't know about the caliper lug, mine has one, but no front brake either.
    Yeah these bikes ride fast, especially when you get them into the higher gears.
    Mine only shifts to 5th gear because the shifter i used is only for a 5 speed(the bike was orignally a 7 speed) so i can imagine how fast it would be when in 7th gear.

    Yes, i painted a lot of things over the years(bicycles, motorcycle gas tanks, fenders, cars, etc) and i've recently picked up the art of pinstriping.