non venting gas cap for storage without gas fumes?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jatgm1, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. jatgm1

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    okay, heres the question i have. i have a grubee engine, with a normal black teardrop tank and a normal gas cap, i noticed that the cap vents, the tank doesn't, so how do i find a cap that has no vents and is completely airtight so i can use it when i store it somewhere that gas fumes are an issue? its essentially so i can store it in an apartment, i have a petcock valve that seals the fuel's exit to the carb completely, so now im just trying to figure out how to seal the cap hole completely. also im aware i cannot ride with a non venting cap due to the vacuum that would be created, it is for storage.(please refrain from posting safety concerns, it will be at a consistent temperature with no flames, sparks, or electricity near it. this is not posted on the safety section of the forum.)

  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    Just drain it.
    It's illegal afaik in the UK to store gas inside an apartment so it may be in the USA too.
    I am planning to drain the fuel tank and store the fuel outside in my little patio space, in a proper petrol can, in its own little plywood "doghouse" in the shade.
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    i actually just got a rubber sheet and stuck it on the tank, in between the cap and tank, problem solved. shouldve thought of that. way easier than trying to get a cap specifically for this. i cant exactly drain it, since every time i go to use it i would have to fill it again. i have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers so i think im good.
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    If u have a car, simply tip the surplus fuel into the cars moderately full tank (to dilute any differences in fuel), even 2 stroke.

    Works for me.

    While u r at it, contrive an easy fuel outlet on the car, & u always have a convenient source of petrol at home.
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    This is the way we do smoke detectors in my neck of the woods:


    Much of the problem with the fuel smell is not just the tank cap, but the carb venting and leak risk.
    The darned petcocks and needle valves do not seal well so I find it not unusual to have fuel all over the floor in the morning.

    Be aware that significant amounts of 2 stroke oil is very hard on the catalytic converter.
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    also, thats the best smoke detector ive seen in my life. not only do you know if your house is on fire, but your have delicious popcorn to comfort you after your house catches fire. and its the butter kind.
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    Don't seal a gas tank with any gas in it at all. There is a reason gas tanks and cans are vented. Gas and gas fumes expand and contract with small variations in temperature. I have seen gas tanks expanded like a balloon till they finally split from the pressure. I have also seen the exact opposite. Gas tanks that looked like they had been crumpled by a giant hand. What actually caused it was vacuum inside the tank when the gas contracted, and pulled the walls of the tank in.

    I don't understand the gas smell thing. I have a motorcycle, 3 scooters and my MB parked in what used to be my living room, they all have gas in them, and there is no gas smell. I also have a garage (part of the house) with 2 cars and 2 bikes in it, again with no gas smell. If you have a gas smell, it is not likely coming from the vent, you probably have a leak. With such a small tank, you can dump out the gas then pour in some kerosene, swish it around, and dump it out. It will no longer smell like gasoline.
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    my apartment is a relatively consistent temperature, and the tanks are vented every few days. i havent noticed either pressure or vacuum in the tanks after the first time i vented them and added sta-bil. plus most of europe's armed forces use these tanks to store gasoline. i wouldn't imagine them using these tanks for storing gasoline if it was unsafe to use them to store gasoline. also, after sticking a rubber sheet in the cap the smell basically went away. my carb is also probably leaking since its just a cheap dellorto but i have a fuel petcock that actually works properly so that doesn't matter. i can imagine pressure building up in a gas can sitting in the sun or a vacuum building up if it comes from out in the sun and then gets put in a cold place, makes sense if the tanks were sitting outside, but it at a consistent temperature, so far that seems like more of an urban myth than anything else. when something heats up it evaporates and becomes less dense therefore taking up more volume. if its not changing temperature much if at all then the change in volume should be minimal. i'll keep an eye on them but so far they seem to be doing fine
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    Could just add a drain screw to the tank, should be easy enough
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    if i want the tank to no longer be airtight then yes, however then i get gas fumes in my apartment, thus negating the point of getting the tanks. in that case i would just use the plastic ones.