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  1. ydslevy

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    Hi e1

    im a noob and im having difficulty finding what i want on the forums. to complicated for me a noob. pls could s1 help me.

    i want to know what to do. i have a 30min walk everyday on a hill and would like to cut it out. s1 told me about motorised bikes so im very interested.

    i need just the basics. what type of bike to buy(will be buying a bike just for this but it will be very basic), what motor i should get, how much does a motor DIY kit weigh if i want to ship it, do i need to change the breaks on a regular basic bike for it, how long will it take me to put on, do i need to be mechanicaly enclined to put it together?

    if anyone could be kind enough to help me out it will be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks


  2. Mountainman

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    hi ydslevy
    well with a few questions answered from you -- many thoughts should be comming your way

    how much do you wish to spend on engine and drive train only ???

    the lower end motors run from around 100 to 250 dollars

    better motors with drive equipment (friction, belt or chain etc) 300 to 700 dollars

    these are just very rough figures -- ride that THING
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard,

    You can have a two stroke, chain driven bike for about $300.00 (roughly)
    And that includes a new $100.00 bicycle.

    Installation of the motor is completely do-able for anyone who has a basic tool box and the ability to use the tools.

    The vendors of these engines mostly have installation instructions on their sites. And if you read the posts on this site, you will pick up a whole bunch of priceless hints.

    It is absolutely do-able for anyone with normal abilities.

    I doubt if you will be sorry if you get yourself a bike and engine, put them together, and start riding.

    Have fun.
  4. HoughMade

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    Have a look around. If pure transportation is the goal and a long term tinkering hobby is not what you are after, a "rack mount", that is, an engine mounted above the rear wheel sounds like it may be the way to go. They are not the cheapest option, but they are generally less maintenance intensive.
  5. ydslevy

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    U guys are great!!
    Thanks for all the advice.

    im looking to spend about $130 on a motor. is that enough to get a back mounted one?

    does it come with the mount in the kit?

    is the motor rain proof?

    how much does a kit weigh roughly if i want to ship it?

    can a back mount motor fit on any frame of bike?

    thanks again