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    hi all my name is sheb and im a....... oh wait wrong meeting,

    my name is sheb, or just call me PG, i live in Anchorage Alaska(please no palin jokes) at the moment i have no motorized bikes, i have a electra tribal that i have turned into a chopper with a nexus 8 speed hub. and ive always loved motorcycles of all types, but mostly classic euro bikes. i was pondering getting a scooter to cruise around town to save on gas, but no scooters really excite me, except the ruckus 250 which is no longer made, or old vespas with sidecars(i like odd things) was pondering putting a scooter motor and cvt setup on my tribal then i came across some of the board track style motorized bikes and fell in love, they fit my basic premise for most things, if it doesnt make you go faster, stop faster, or turn better it isn't really needed. when working at a local motorcycle shop i hated having to build the big bagger touring bikes with reverse, 6 disk cd player, 12 speakers ect. at that point it was like a 2 wheeled car and no fun at all.

    basicly now im scouring craigslist and garage sales for some suitable frames to scavange off of. as for a motor im torn, i dig the 50cc and under due to no permit ect. but at 250 lbs im afraid of not being able to make it up the hill to my house. I have been scrounging around looking to see if i can find a suitable 100 or 200 single to use, then run that to a cvt, jackshaft, then to rear hub, or chain to jackshaft, to 8 speed nexus hub with jockey shift. im pretty sure i want the spooky tooth monarch fork(always been a sucker for a springer) but again this will all depend on what i can find local(shipping to AK can be a bish) and budget constraints.


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    Welcome aboard, sheb.

    250 lbs really isn't all that heavy. A 50 cc ought to get you up any paved hill. You'll have to rev 'er up a bit, but that's all.

    Have fun.
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    yeah ive ridden a few 50CC scooters and while they get my fat arse up the the hill it isnt pretty, and the street to my house is a 15% grade with not alot of room to get a run at it. plus if its gonna look like a boardtracker id like to partially perform like one.

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    Well, I guess I'll have to admit that your hill sounds a bit extreme. But then that'll mean trouble for any vehicle.

    It might even meant that your hill by itself will shorten engine life. But these engines are so inexpensive that I'd still go ahead and do it.
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    theres a new 4 stroker that cost some around 600 but seems very nice!

    if you gots the $$$ ive seen some rotary bicycle motos too.

    id recomend a 67cc happy time, my bike is 100 and im moves pretty nice, and gets me uphill, another important thing...ive noticed that regular 50cc scooters go faster than this bicycles, so i guess what Happy time motors dont have in speed, they do have in torque.