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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GTscoob, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I dont have a motorized bike yet but I've been on here lurking for the last few weeks trying to do some research into what I'll need to build one for myself. I'm fairly experienced at working on automobiles but bicycles are still intimidating to me since I've never wrenched on one short of putting pegs and new handlebars on a BMX bike when I was younger.

    Right now I've got a 21" 21spd Royce Union mountain bike frame that I got back when I was 14-15 that is going to be the donor frame. Its got a front suspension which I think I'm going to leave intact since Atlanta roads are terrible. Right now my loose project design is going to include an 80cc Happy Time motor frame-mounted using the Sickbikeparts/Pablo shifter kit.

    Once I get it running right I'm going to play around with the 7spd rear end on the bike and get it geared right and then get around to porting the motor. I just want it to be able to comfortable get up to 35+mph.


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    hey Bobby, welcome aboard
    there is a ton of info round here, just takes a lil diggin' to find it
    good luck and happy motoring