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  1. Hi yall
    Just finishing up a Happy Time build on a Huffy Cranbrook. Fun build, and I gotta feeling I'll be doing another for a certain 14 year old son of mine, as he's eyeing this with great interest.
    I'm a retired Army helicopter pilot, working as an EMS helicopter pilot here in town. R/C airplanes, making my own beer, collecting and smoking pipes, racing my wife to the mailbox so I can hide the latest wasteful spending, and now...Happy Times!
    Found a pic of my Dad with his Whizzer in 1947. Got to get it framed and put it on the wall.
    I'm sure I'll wear you guys out with questions soon enuf. Learning a lot just reading what's posted, and applying some of the advice during the build.
    Can't wait to out run the cops!

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    Welcome to MBc.