Noob from rural Chicago area.

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    Hi. I have been visiting this forum for awhile, now that I have an engine, I figured it's time to join.

    I got a free John Deere T30c from work that needed a carb because the diaphragm kit was not available from parts. The owner (the manager), didn't want to put $73 bucks into it. "Junk it." he said. I took it home, ordered a diaphragm kit for a chainsaw and bingo! A two season old great running trimmer engine that belonged to the boss. :grin:

    I plan on removing the stock tank from the bottom, welding a sprocket on the clutch as close to the center of the bushing as I can, and running that to a friction drum underneath the engine. This will center the engine over the rear wheel, and remove stress from the stock clutch.

    I really like this forum and it's exchange of great ideas.

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    Welcome. I'm saving up for a HT engine from BCB right now and another from Elgin should be getting a Staton soon. Hope you get rolling soon.
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