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    Hey everyone... Just wanted to intro myself...

    I live in SoCal where laws, cost, and the police restrict my other hobbies... mainly building time attack Honda's and more recently off road Jeeps. I am moving to the beach this summer for a couple of months and was looking for a stylish way to get around. I recently saw a guy on one of these lately and started researching what they are all about... MOTEREDBIKES.COM has been a huge part in acquiring knowledge for my felt Red Barron conversion. I have had this thing for about three years and it never worked because the c-ring on the rear sprocket was defective but I always thought it was a cool bike and would look good with a motor in it so here I am... The Red Barron is fixed and the motor should be here tomorrow. I plan on using the jackshaft kit and whole bunch of other goodies from sick parts to complete m project... will post pics if anybody is interested.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help you guys have given me indirectly... looking forward to maybe getting to know a few people here... seems to be a nice site :)

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    Welcome to the site
    Felts make great motorized bikes

    What is a time attack Honda?
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    I race against the clock out at buttonwillow raceway... its part of the SCCA. I use a 91 honda crx with a b16a engine. My other honda is a 2005 civic si hatchback that made 210 HP on a stock NA 2.0 liter I4 that came out of an acura rsx type-s with a reprogrammed ECU tuned by Shawn Church.... Both have full racing suspensions tuned by Darren at West End alignment.

    thanks for reading my intro ;)
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    What kind of motor did you get?

    If you get it finished in time bring it to the SoCal Ride June 14th Sun, El Dorado Park, Long Beach ........along with any of your cars....
  5. give me vtec

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    Got an 80cc Jet Silver chinese engine off e-bay... looking forward to the build. Hope I am not dissapointed in the engine (but not expecting much for $139.00).

    would love to come to the meet
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