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    Hi All: Iv'e been lurking for the last year, & have enjoyed reading many posts.
    I'm a long time cyclist & like the simple efficiency of bicycles. I am not a purist however & if adding a motor can do a better job getting you to where your going, nice. I have a friction drive 25cc mounted on a Schwinn 27" wheeled road bike w/ tourist bars, & a 49cc HT mounted in a Columbia Cruiser w/ coaster brake, w/ custom AL gas tank. The Schwinn is easy to pedal , & has cam lever to engage engine. It is simple light & efficient. The Columbia 50's Vintage is a beast that pedals like a roto-tiller, but flies up the hills. It has some bad wheel hop that I am trying to correct. I think it's a combo of old wheels & old tires. 50 year old spokes don't like to get twisted. I just got some new Chen Shing 26X2.125" tires in yesterday. I hope this will smooth things out. Engine still breaking in ~ 100 Mi. It is unlikely that I would have motorized these machines w/o, so that's to all who make it possible.

    Yours Truly Geo


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    Welcome aboard.

    We're glad you found us.

    Have fun.
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    Welcome there neighbor! Sounds like you got a leg up on the whole MB thing.
    Hailing from western Mass, what part of the Granite State are ya in?
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    Home Base

    HV, home is Derry, NH, ~ 40 mi North of the Hub, (Boston). Plenty of hills & excellent back country roads. You must be in Amherst, Ma area.

    I will try & post some pic's Geo

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    Ayup, just upriver a piece.:D

    Hey, couple nice looking bikes. Classic Columbia Cruiser! That needs it's own thread in the photo gallery.

    And the lever engagement FD, got to explain that one more. Lots of folks in rackmounts always looking for DIY ideas.

    Where you been so long?:grin5: