Engine Trouble NOOB here! In need of major help!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by MotorBill, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. MotorBill

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    Okay, built my first 2 stroke bike. The very First day I had it running, all seemed okay, running smooth, except it wouldn't run idle? And a little smokey but I hear this is expected during running in period right? Anyway, I'll get to the point, I went for a little trip. Was running for about 10 minutes, then my engine stalled, and when restarting it, it would only run if I was peddling, I would Rev, make noise but go no where at all. then just cut out when I gave up peddling. Haven't been able to get it started again since. I've checked all components and everything seems done well and correctly, I've taken apart and cleaned numerous parts, including carb, clutch, all fuel related components. And still nothing!? I'm so so close to giving up now hence my call for help. So...
    Any ideas guys? Please. I'll love you forever? :)

  2. crassius

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    several months ago, many folks were getting CDI units that went too weak to start the bike after a few minutes riding - hard telling how many of those are still in circulation

    if you know someone with a bike, you might borrow one just to try, or else order one to have a spare if it isn't your problem right now

    other things that are common are head gaskets leaking and carbs that don't fit solidly enough to prevent an air leak
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    I just installed a top end rebuild kit and had a similar issue, turned out being the float height & jet size. Wasn't getting enough fuel too idle, and too much too do full throttle. Changed jet to #70 and fiddled with float height till I got a smooth idle and WOT worked, and all is good now. Check your carb's float height. Is it NT, NT speed, or CNS? What ratio of gas/oil did you use? Do you have a o-ring between carb and manifold? Is the coil integrated? Head bolts torqued down properly? Have you checked your stator assembly? Are your wires getting a good connection?
  4. butre

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    stuck float maybe
  5. HeadSmess

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    so many possibilities, so narrow it down a bit...

    one. check spark. if it aint there...research why. bad cdi/magneto, bad earth, bad plug are the main culprits.

    if its there proceed to removing the carb. slap a dash of fuel down the intake tube.

    try to start it.

    if it starts (albeit briefly)...the problem is in the carb. jet, float, fuel line, filter, tank cap breather...

    test the filter, line and breather by taking fuel line of carb and seeing if fuel flows out consistently.

    finally, if it didnt start with some fuel down the intake... and its got spark...

    you can suspect that the key for the magneto has fallen out/is missing, or theres something deeper at fault, like crank seals etc...

    pays to pop the exhaust off and see if you can blow through it...
  6. MotorBill

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    Thanks guys, as I'm a bit clueless I've tried everything you guys have mentioned except I have ordered new spark plug, cdi, and then a new throttle grip as I decided to break mine (was real ugly anyway!)
    Hopefully I'll have all delivered to let me work at it over the weekend! I'll let you all know how it goes! Keep your fingers crossed for me!