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    hi, im popeye, im 31, banned from driving and looking at a mb for basic transport. i know thats not legal, so im of a mind to do a stealthy type job, at a friends house ive chopped up 3 scrap bikes and got some box section thinking of an atomic zombie style tadpole with a little 4 stroke concealed by the seat if you follow the ht engines seem loud and unreliable and as i said stealth s the thing for me so im here for inspiration i suppose so im popeye from nottingham england and im pleased to make your acquaintance

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    53 online users and no replys?
    do i smell?
    [reaches for deoderant ;]]
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    LOL....Don't take offence. Sometimes it takes a while for people to read all of the posts. Welcome to MBc. There are many ideas on building a stealth bike. Let me know if you have problems finding the threads.
  4. welcome aboard form new hampshire usa:rolleyes7:
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    thanx for the warm welcome guys look forward to picking your brains!
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    Popeye, whatever u done to get ur license pulled is probably what needs to be changed more than anything!

    For stealth, electric is probably best.

    Otherwise, spend some time on an exhaust that is effective, but quiet.

    I heard about synthetic rubber products to be applied inside the cae to quiet engine noise, and blocks of rubber held in between cylinder fins to dampens that racket.
    Sounds like a good idea, but I never tried it... yet.

    Good luck
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    easy rustycase ive had thoughts on an electric bike basically strimmer motor alternator and drive motor equals no battery dont it or is that not feasible due to tranition losses etc? see that idea appeals to me because low weight no charging power from o rpm so no need for gearbox? also due to a quirk in the law over here ib england is that e bikes are paperwork exempt so no bother about the ban, which was the accumilation of 3 sp 30s [speeding tickit] and an insecure load so due to the totting up system for point has left me sans licence for 12 months
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    What uuup.

    Hi, Cool to hear from people on the other side. Is there a lot of MBers in your area, is it a big area.
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    @lazy boy, ive never seen a single mb in the flesh so i would sugest there aint many over here basically cuz the horrible thieving government basically say if it takes petrol its a motor vehicle so license tax insurance et cetra, ive seen on this and other sites that you dont have this problem in america as anything under 3.0 litres is not really considred an engine ?! how big is my area? well im in nottingham england where robin hood allegedly came from and if i compare where i live to what i see in wife swap usa etc id say the city i live in is about the size of a mid 70s lincoln continental! which is obviosly not true but i dont know what to say to that question as our senses of scale will be so different but nice to meet you lazy boy
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    So if you went electric you'd be ok ?