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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by 2fast4u, Jun 19, 2008.

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    hi im adam, there is a lot of talk about the white wire used for lighting but it is all to confusing for me so i was just wondering if someone can explain it to me how i can run a light from the white wire pics would be really helpfull ty

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    You should title your post "white wire light" or somesuch.

    It is easy to go overboard. Any light that's too powerful, in other words, that you could actually see by, will kill the motor. This is perhaps the conundrum that is confusing; people continue to have "bright ideas" to cheat the system but they're just, IMO, focusing a weak beam differently.

    What exactly is confusing? Volts/amps/watts, how the wiring goes?

    We'd like to help but your questioning is not the best.

    By far the easiest thing is to find a self-grounding light from a car, motorcycle, or bike dynamo headlight. It too will have one wire. connect that wire to the white wire, with a switch in the middle if that pleases you. Done.
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    Welcome to MBc!!! :grin:

    I agree with eljefino. However, I would add my own input: the white wire is worthless (to most of us here on the forum). It's output is only 3 watts, which is very little. :cool:
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    How about resistors to a group of LED's ??
  5. Sounds good.
    Or go to Wal-Mart by a Head light and Tail light set ( $14 ) Put nickel
    ( rechargeable batteries in it ) .Solder wires to both units use a resistors at 5 volts so the extra will pass charging the batteries.

    Just a thought.


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    So the white wire is 3 watts ?? For sure ?? How many amps ??
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    just get a battery powered light or a helmet light and be done with it...
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    Way too easy ... wouldn't learn anything that way