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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by ra42mario, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Ok this is probably really easy, but it has me stumped.

    I'm trying to install an inner tube on a 26" Wheel. I bought a Bell Brand inner tube at Walmart. I put it on the wheel, but I have a lot of tube that like folds over because it seems like the 26" tube is too long for the 26" wheel. I figured when I inflated it the air would take up some of the slack but the wheel now has a huge bulge in the tire.

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. Esteban

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    Inflate it a little , first , before installing. Dust with a little baby powder & it is so easy.
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    Is the bulge around or close to the rim? When you install a tire/tube, slowly insert air. There should be a ring (raised circle line) around the tire close to the wheel. After inserting some air check that the ring is the same distance from the wheel all around...on both sides. Sometimes if it's off too much a bubble will occur..let air out and start over.
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    Esteban said it best. (inflate just enough so it takes shape mostly, and put baby powder on it (helps the tire seat, and not pinch)

    Make sure your tire is seated correctly by inflating a little bit, and looking all around. The Bulge you describe is probably the bead (the hard wire inside the side of the tires) jumping over the rim a little. Let the air out and start working the tire aroudn, careful not to pinch the tube.

    Good luck.

    Did you buy a 26x1 - 1.25 tube, or a 26x1.95-2.0 tube?

    You might have bought a tube for ancient technology size road bike rims.

    If you are using a mountain bike get 26 x1.95-2.0 tubes.

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    I'm pretty sure walmart only sells ISO-559 tires and tubes now (which is the modern 26" a MTB/cruiser bike uses) but it's one thing to check.

    Second--take the wheel, the tire, and the old inner tube to a bicycle shop, and tell them you want to buy another tube that will fit properly.
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    Walmart bike stuff has vastly! improved over the decade, but still falls behind shop bikes most the time. (cables suck)

    The tires are getting really good though, if you don't mind the weight. (since you have a motor, who cares right?)

    26" BMX cruiser class tires have a lot to offer too, with file treads and recessed pattern treads (like car tires).

    has 26" beach type tires for mo. bic.'s for $10.
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    One guess--you bought a fractional 26-inch innertube, when you needed a decimal one.
    See this thread-
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