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  1. Anthon41772

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    Hello I'm new to all things Motorized Bicycles
    My known Habitat is El Paso,Texas :grin5:
    barely bought my 80cc/70cc motor and had it installed yesterday
    ran great and now I'm addicted.....
    interested to know other MBers in area to share this new addiction with
    Please forgive my lack of engine skills and thanks in advance for you assistance and patience
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    We're glad you joined up.

    Tell us about your bike. Photos are cool, too.
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  3. Anthon41772

    Anthon41772 New Member

    My bike is a Black Genesis Onex/Onyx 29"
    bought the motor and had it installed by local home based company "Motorized Bicycle of El Paso"
    its a standard 70/80cc bike 2 stroke engine, with 46/48? tooth sprocket
    Im 5'11" and on the 2x large side need the torque more than the speed
    currently trying to figure out how to post pics from my phone.....:dunce:
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