Noob needs advice (GX35/Fisher PhD)

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  1. discombob

    discombob New Member

    Hey all,

    I'm very excited to build a motorized bicycle that might work as year-round transport (even in winter). I have a pretty nice bike to start with that I'm willing to modify, if necessary, but has some odd frame geometry. I'm looking for advice (picture attached).

    Hugely burly Gary Fisher PhD hardtail dirt-jumper MTB frame.
    36h spoke-count WTB Laserdisc DH wheels with I-beam weld.
    Avid Juicy 7 disc brakes.

    I have a brand-new Honda GX35 that I scored a deal on and am wondering what is out there, engineless kit-wise? I did some forum searching already and came up with the GEBE belt system and it seems like the belt would clear the frame, but I might need to go with smaller tires. Currently, the bike has Maxxis Holy Roller 2.4" on it!

    Thanks for any suggestions and I'm quite excited to be riding my bike further distances with this setup and not using my car as much (if at all! ;)

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  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    first of all -- we wish to welcome you
    this being your first post -- and I think it's close to 1,000 post now for MM
    nice looking bicycle you have there
    due to the frame -- rear rack mount maybe needed ?
    you mention winter ---
    yes - it's coming
    I have a friction set up
    but - as we know -- in the rain friction is not the best
    for you possibly -- as you have stated
    GEBE belt or maybe Station chain ????

    always makes it nice while in the rain and you wish to
    RIDE THAT THING ----------- MM
  3. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Welcome to MBc. I agree that the best bet would be Gebe or Staton, unless it might bolt to a Dax rack.
  4. discombob

    discombob New Member

    How bad is the slippage and tire-destruction in the wet with the friction-roller setup, MM? I only weigh about 140 lbs, personally. I was wondering if, with the stronger spokes of my DH wheelset, that I might be able to get by with slightly more clamping force in the winter.

    If this makes the motor warmer, then the freezing temps outside during winter will definitely help! (I live in Montana)

    I am likely to try the GEBE kit, unless there is a better belt-driven one manufactured elsewhere(?). Anyone have a used kit for me? I'm trying to tame the budget for this project. (I'll go look in the buy/sell forum!)
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  5. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    On the Tire Thing !!! I just did a GEBE on a bike that has 2.125 tires and the belt allmost hits the tires, any wider and it wont clear . But you can always buy thinner tires.
    It's not a show stopper...

    Riding all year long in Montana????
    Dude you must be Hardcore !!!
    I lived in Wyoming ( cody ) and It was so cold some days the car would not start.
    you might want to keep your bike in the house to keep it from freezing up!!!
  6. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Don't know what part of Montana your in but there is a Company in Billings called Dimsion Edge , They have some cool Friction Drives . If you live close to Billings might be worth going to look at there bikes to get ideas. They sell the kits and also bikes with kits installed. You could save some bucks buy not paying shipping.
  7. discombob

    discombob New Member

    heheh yeah Sean, I live in Billings and the Dimension Edge people might be the ticket, except that they are out of town at a trade show until the 23rd and it didn't look like they did anything but friction drive (which isn't ideal for me).

    And yeah, I am planning on going as hardcore as I can and see if I can handle the winter riding. I will probably get some Nokian 2" studded snow tires after my belt drive stuff comes in, both to clear and for the seasonal aspect. I will be wearing snowboarding gear including full Burton gloves and goggles with a full-face-type helmet. Mostly this will be just an experiment and I might not be able to ride it on those days where the street is pure black ice.

    This probably won't be coming together for a few weeks, but I will post some pics when it does!
  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    friction drive in the WET ZONE

    well - MM has not had his MB out in the REAL RAIN YET

    but - have noticed MAJOR SLIPPING when crossing over wet spots
    due to lawns being watered ect.
    it does kind of amaze me how just a little water

    with my small 35cc Robin -- with more down pressure added to roller
    makes a big difference in speed (much lower)
    but - this will have to be done in the rain -- that's for sure...

    when it comes to MUCH SLIPPING OF UNIT
    not a good thing in regards to MBs

    ride that thing Mountainman
  9. Dadkins1

    Dadkins1 Member

    Yea - in regards to friction drives in the wet - NOT GOOD...
    Every time I used to go thru a wet spot in the road(sprinkler/ puddle) my tach needle (if I had one ) would just go off the chart. Now... I prepare for the wet stuff by throttling down a bit and coasting /peddling thru. There is no way I could ever ride in rain or snow. But when its dry... I fly.
  10. Zemus DE

    Zemus DE Guest

    Well there are all weather rollers that are made of an aggregate stone. These do not slip in anything. The metal, wood and urethane rollers all essentially hydroplane off the tire. The allweather rollers are porous and allow the roller to stay in contact with the tire and keep you moving. Reason this isnt the only roller offered on kits is because they will increase wear on tires.

    Discombob, there are a few customers of DE that has been using their bikes through the winters, in Billings. But it is impractical to use studded tires(or knobby tires) with friction drive. The few that do run our stuff in the winter still use smooth tread tires, so they have more issues with hooking up with the road than anything else. So I am sure you will likely be happy with the belt drive and knobby tires with the snow.

    If you are having any trouble with the install by the time we return from the east coast, I would love to help. Anything to boost the Moterdbike community, especially in Billings. We need something non-DE there anyhow(kinda weird saying that, oh well).
  11. discombob

    discombob New Member

    Thanks Zemus and the rest of you fine people from Motored Bikes! What a nice community.

    Anyway, I ordered up the belt drive kit from GEBE for my Honda GX35 a while ago. It will be here really soon. I'm extremely excited. I will post pics as soon as I get the install complete and running smooth!
  12. discombob

    discombob New Member

    All right everyone... the moment maybe one or two of you have been waiting for :grin: Dun Dun Duuuuun... my first motored bike build!

    It goes around 33 mph with knobbies right now. Honda GX35 to GEBE kevlar/belt kit. The Honda motor is fast enough for me... it's already a little creepy going this fast on a bicycle!

    The frame is a Gary Fisher PHD dirtjumper/reinforced hardtail with Avid Juicy 7 disc brakes, Race Face Evolve cranks with external-bearing bottom-bracket and WTB Speed Disc DH rims. Burly stuff! The bike weighs 49 lbs as pictured with slimed tubes (lots of goathead-style thorns around Billings).

    I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

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  13. Dadkins1

    Dadkins1 Member

    NICE ! looks beefy ! with the killer brakes too.
  14. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Awesome bike

    Good job !! Did the honda engine just bolt up to the GEBE ???
    Thats something to keep in mind if my Tanaka ever tanks...
    Now you have 2 days to ride before sub zero weather hits !!!!!!
    Would it be cool to have a indoor M/B track for cold places.
    Just think how loud it would be with 5 or 6 M/B's running at the same time.
    Like Nascar ( well sort of ) or like a swarm of killer bee's!!!!!

  15. tinker4

    tinker4 Member


    That's a way cool Extreme ride. I bet you have all kinds of fun riding it around. Keep the wind in your face.:rolleyes:
  16. discombob

    discombob New Member

    Yeah, I'm having an absolute blast with the thing... "while I can before winter" is a disclaimer around here.

    Thanks for the compliments! The Honda GX35 does indeed bolt right on to the GEBE kit that comes sized to fit the 76mm centrifugal clutch sizes.