NOOB needs help - clutch squeaks when lever is engaged


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8:49 AM
Apr 9, 2008
Richmond, NH
i.e. when engine rotation is disconnected from drive train.

I had a major crash and burn a few weeks ago involving motor mounts. The chain got wrapped around the rear sprocket, and around the clutch sprocket there was a 2 link kink.

I have rebuilt the motor mounts, yeah ! Bought a whole new rear wheel as after the rebuild I heard squeaking, and the bearings WERE gone in the wheel. I tried first just putting in the individual bearings without the race and it was still squeaking. So I blamed the wheel and got a new one.

After installing the new wheel, I am still hearing squeaking. Now for some reason (!) I am noticing the squeaking occurs only when I have the clutch lever pulled in, i.e. I am "coasting". But it might be that I only HEAR it in this case.

Looks like I am in for a clutch rebuild which looks NASTY for all the parts. Can someone zero me in on what the broken item might be ?

Also, how much damage am I going to do if I ride it. I love the thing, and it spends more time in my basement than on the road...

Any help would be appreciated. You guys are the best.

I actually have another motorbike, a rear mount roller type. The other day the roller seized up, the motor still runs free but the roller is jammed. Before this happened it SEEMED like the clutch (centrifugal) was not disengaging, when I went down a hill the engine would overspeed. Any ideas, before I take it apart ? I suspect I need a new clutch. Where should I buy a GOOD ONE. Please give me your favorite vendors.

Love my motorbikeS (hope I don't get too many more of the things...)

I don't have time right now to look for a thread where they talk about it, Bit I'd suspect that something is rubbing inside a cover plate. Can you put the bike on a stand, spin the tire, and try to isolate the source of the sound with something like a Mechanic's stethoscope?