Noob Needs help with new bike engine!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ryansclzo, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. ryansclzo

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    Hello, I'm attaching my first engine to a new bike. Its a 150$ schwinn with a small V frame. I got the engine to fit and I basically have everything in place. I spent probably 3 hours just trying to get the clutch to work, then I found this forum and smacked the bolt next to the chain cog to make it loose :p. Now, when I try to start the bike after pedaling a little, nothing happens besides me slowing down from the chain... I've already unplugged the kill switch and unplugged the the spark plug just to see if it would spark. It turned out the sparks were coming out of the little box? I don't know if this is normal but im guessing its a malfunction. I bought the kit from zminglu.

    Any responses that will help me getting my bike running at all wiould be awesome!!!

  2. ddesens

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    When peddling with the clutch released does the engine turn over? (piston move up and down). What to you mean the sparks were coming out of the little box? Should be no sparks anywhere except the spark plug.
  3. Chookawatts

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    Try turn your spark plug lead clockwise into the cdi (the little box) it maybe loose like everything else on these engines
  4. BigBlue

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    Just don't do it while the engine is running or you'll get a pretty good jolt!

    AKA: BigBlue
  5. ryansclzo

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    well im guessing the plug is malfunctioning, im about to go buy a new spark plug at home depot and see what happens
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Home depot will not have your plug.

    NGK B6HS
  7. ryansclzo

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    lol well i guess im just gunna get the wires off of a lawn mower tomorrow, wish me luckkkkk because I've spent a lot of time trying to get this thing to run
  8. V 35

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    N G K CS 2 [ Champion C J 8 ] plug works well with a small engine spark plug terminal. Carry a spare spark plug cap and twist
    the plug lead further into CDI box if your running the stock plug.
  9. ryansclzo

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    I got it started and I FEEL AWESOME!!!!!!!! ;), the only problem is when i go up hill the engine just doesnt keep going and I eventually just stop.
    (I got a new spark plug boot)

    EDIT: F*CK, I let my older brother have a ride and he prolly pulled the throttle to hard because the ball at the end of the cord came off lol, I just soldered it back on but the cord was so chafed I had to cut it down. Now when I turn the bike on the bike goes by itself, I'm not even sure if it works right :S. It's dark out so ill just troubleshoot it tomorrow. Worse-comes-to-worse ill just order another throttle cable.
  10. MikeJ

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    Ryansclzo -

    Good for you, your bike is running! Post a photo of it sometime soon so we can all see it.

    That is one of those lessons you learn the hard way. . . . When somebody else rides your bike, it may come back broken with their sob line, "It's not my fault!". I don't know of anyone on this forum who will criticize you for being protective of your bike and engine, and refuse to let anyone ride your build. Nobody has ever ridden either of my two personal bikes, and nobody will until they pay full price for them up front (which they won't).

    These Chinese 2-stroke engines take a lot of TLC to keep them running. Other humans don't need to add to your troubles.

    Always wear a helmet when you ride, obey all stop and speed signs, and you can have a lot of fun with your bike!

  11. ryansclzo

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    haha I was like hovering over him trying to get him to use it the way I would.... I am protective of my things too, my bike isn't the best looking bike but I will defo post a pic tomorrow :). Money was a problem so I ordered the kit while on vacation in Florida with my paypal money, then found 2 gold rings metal detecting :D. Sold those for 210$ and bought a 150$ schwinn bike at walmart lol. I love having projects and actually being able to finish them!

    Also: Im interested in the 10$ schwinn speedomeeter and maybe that 15$ amazon LED headlight... OR does anyone know if I could charge my cell phone with my bike on that 6v white wire? because I could just use navigation and check my speed and all plus GPS :p
  12. V 35

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    The kit supplied throttle is dismal, at best. Don't blame your test rider, at least he had the ' cubes ' to run W O T . My advice on throttle
    replacement is the Domino unit [ Pirate Cycles ] Use a 10 speed * Shift * cable, the ' pill ' end goes to carb, the other end is custom cut, and retained by the supplied retainer. The Domino is velvet smooth, a little pricey, and requires adding an ATV kill button for a first class setup . Most dirt bike carbs have lots of slide travel, due to their long length, a throttle tube intended for a ' long ' carb will go from closed to W O T in aprox. 1/8 turn [ no good ] A pitbike throttle works well, providing it's a quality unit, not one made of model airplane plastic. BIKEBERRY has a very nice " Accelerator Grip Retainer " it uses a smaller thread cable [ as compared with the Grubee throttle ] and could benefit from sanding and painting
    Bored out, and retapped for the Grubee Cable, this would be a winner, they work great with King's Motorsports Grips and throttle tube.