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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ceedubya06, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. ceedubya06

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    Hello there everyone,
    Names Chris, just recently introduced the the idea of putting a motor on a bicycle... lookin for some info.
    I would like to put a motor on my 24" mountain bike, i've got a chainsaw motor all lined up to go, my big idea is to run the drive chain from the chain saw to the pedal gear assembly (obviously with a bigger gear 54T or so) and use the rear bike gears as the driven gears with the stock chain and be able to shift through the gears, speed is really my issue but i like to go fast, i just don't know it it will work the way i want it to...
    If anyone could give me some input that would be great, i just recently lost my license so this seems like a good alternative and hobby.

  2. KeyWest

    KeyWest Member

    Hello Chris, welcome aboard the chainsaw ideal is good but I think you will need a free wheel crank so the engine doesn't spin the crank for the pedals. How about doing a friction drive on the back wheel with a rack mount. I have not had the oppertunity to try a chainsaw yet myself. Sounds like fun.
  3. biken stins

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    Hi Chris. welcome.
    Think Key West got the right idea.
    What the heck build and learn. might be a real kick.
  4. ceedubya06

    ceedubya06 New Member

    well i was thinking about just using the chainsaw clutch so that it would be an automatic, it wouldn't have any pedals of course because i'm using the pedal shaft as a sort of jackshaft... but i'm not sure if the little chainsaw clutch would be able to move me at all...

    another thing i didn't know about was the gear ratios... i found the calculator that someone posted on here and i plugged in my numbers and in first gear, at say 7000 RPM it says i'll go like 140mph...? so maybe it would be geared WAY to high to even move?
  5. KeyWest

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    Chris, I think you should go to the friction drive section and check it out,it all depends on the size of your engine cc's.I still think that it would be easier to friction drive the chain saw engine then to try and jack shaft the pedal crank beside that you are not going to be legal if you lose the pedals.