Noob Question: Quality Motorbike Parts

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Joaquin Suave, May 18, 2011.

  1. Joaquin Suave

    Joaquin Suave New Member

    Sorry for so many questions guys...

    I'm in the process of putting together my first motorized bike and will be using a Honda GXH50. The Mt. bike I've gotten has nice components on it and want to make it "top-shelf" ride, but it seems that most of the running gear out there is kinda...CHEEZY.

    Are there people making higher end stuff??

  2. SlugMan

    SlugMan Member

    What are you looking for? What Higher end stuff? Bike parts, or engine stuff?
  3. Joaquin Suave

    Joaquin Suave New Member

    Gosh, I'm looking for...

    * Jack shafts that have mounting systems that take different aluminum chainrings and possibly a freewheel.

    * wide bottom brackets so that aluminum crank arms can clear a frame mounted 4 cycle engine.

    * throttles & clutch levers.

    *Offset chainrings so that wide cranks can still have the correct clainline.

    I have been hunting and have found that most of the hardware seems to be junk. It kind of blows my mind when i see someone that has built a "killer" chopper frame, then outfits the bike with chinki cr*p.

    Are the manufactures doing trick stuff out there but i haven't found them???

    Not everyone is trying to put together these b*tch'n rigs "on the cheap" are they?
  4. SlugMan

    SlugMan Member

    Sick Bike Parts has a nice throttle setup. I just installed mine the other day. It's all metal, no plastic ****. As for the clutch lever, I used a break lever off an extra bike I had in the basement. It doesn't have a pin where ya can lock it into place, but you can always stick something inside it to lock it. I really don't use the lock that much, so it's not an issue with me.
    MiniBike parts is also a good resource to search. I have a 2 stroke engine, so not sure about some of the other stuff your looking for.
    Good luck :)
  5. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Old, cut-down brake levers work better as a thumb throttle than the twist-grip throttles that come with the kits. ;)

    I think it's far safer, as well, because it doesn't pull your fingers away from the brakes!
  6. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    if you want a better clutch lever that locks, look on eBay for brake levers with a parking brake lock. They make them for scooters, motorcycles, ATVs... I have one that was off a 1970's Yamaha motorcycle. Sure it's a "brake lever", but the cable fits in just the same way. I also found one that has a brake light switch built into it-- it means that my brake light will go on when I clutch, but chances are if I am pulling the clutch, I am doing it to slow down. Nothing wrong with the brake light coming on for that!

    you will find something like this:
    Locking clutch/brake lever on eBay
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