Noob questions. Need advice on a reliable setup.

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    So I've been doing a lot of reading these past few weeks in preparation for my first MB build. The frame is a modified diamond back from the mid 90s. After all is said and done it should have a nice board track/ cafe look to it (if everything works out haha).

    My my main problem is a motor source. The market seems to be absolutely flooded with the Chinese 66/80cc 2stroke "bolt on" kits and the price seems attractive but From the many reviews and opinions they sound like a crapshoot.
    From the stickies here it looks like a lot of potential issues can be greatly reduced by doing some basic stuff such as cleaning, filing, torquing bolts etc.

    For $150-$180 and some basic preventative prep work it sounds like a fair deal but will it be reliable in the long term?

    is there a better quality possibly more reliable kit out there for a few bucks more? I would be more than okay with spending 100-150 more if it was going to be worth it in the long run.

    And just to clarify, I'm looking for an in frame kit with a clutch. Kind of leaning towards two stroke but I'm open to four stroke as well.

    Sorry for the wall of text but I just want to explore as many options as I can before shelling out cash.

    Thanks for reading!

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    and a good one at that...
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    Next to electrics I find 4-stroke pull start engines with a belt transfer case with centrifugal clutch to be the most reliable and easy to maintain builds the best.

    Change the oil regularly and pop off the top OHC cover and check the valve clearance occasionally and they run forever, on regular gas.
    Pull up to any gas pump and your on your way again without that oil mixing hassle.
    They are cleaner too.

    This combo works well.
    29" wheeled Macargi Fatal Love coaster brake bike for ~$250 and a ~$200 49cc HS142 based direct drive build to be ideal.
    It is ~20# heavier than a typical 2-stroke but that is about it's only downfall in real life, and you don't kill yourself pedaling to try to it to start if there is a problem.


    Tinkering is one thing, but just wanting to get around reliably without having constantly dinking with 'little issues' they are hard to beat.