<noob thread> Best tuned pipe?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by DJEEPER, Jul 25, 2009.


    DJEEPER Member

    I was looking on SBP and saw they had a kit for 64 bux.

    is that one worth it?

    What would you recommend. I know you can only get but so much out of these, but im still intrigued to see what i can do :detective:


    DJEEPER Member

    anyone here use a tuned pipe?
  3. Nitropeewee

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    got mine off a pocket bike type four wheeler. big differece! thiers alot out there. try pocketbikeparts.com

    DJEEPER Member

    so i guess just having any tuned pipe for your engine will work wonders....as long as you buy from a named vendor?

    Im about to buy one from SBP.
  5. Jon.B

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    DJEEPER Member

    I have the SBP tuned pipe on my bike now, and immediately (though how skeptical i was...), I noticed a very nice increase in throttle response, pep and speed.

    I will get a reading tomorrow of how fast im going.

    I averaged 33ish before.... and i can tell by the exhaust note/rpms that i am doing more than that now.
  7. bigdan

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    I have the black tuned pipe and I noticed a significant improvement with it. I ride over a few good size hills on my way to work. before I got the pipe, I had to pedal to go up those hills. Now I don't.
    I did have a little trouble getting it mounted in a way that didn't either hit my pedals or the front tire. They mention in the instructions that you will have to fiddle with the pipe to get it to fit on your bike. I ended up removing some of the pipe ("J" tube?) that goes into the expansion pipe. 30 secs with a cut off wheel was all it took. I also used a dremel tool to remove material from the exhaust gasket and the exhaust manifold to make the flow as smooth as possible.
    I will post pictures soon