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    Hello all! I saw someone buzz buy on a motorized bike a few weeks back and have had the itch ever since. I have been having a great time reading up on all the great posts here and am thinking about what it is I need to put together.

    I am pretty mechanically inclined, have some free time, and really want to put a ride together without breaking the bank (too badly :) ).

    I am 6'4 and about 175lbs, 36 inch inseam. Do you guys have any frames that come to mind for someone of my stature? A longer wheel base frame perhaps?

    Any thoughts?


  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. Whatever feels comfortable for you and meets all your other criteria is perfect. I suggest you go to a large local bike shop and sit on a lot of bikes to see what fits you comfortably. If you plan on building an in frame mounted engine you will need a bike with enough room in the frame to fit it. A rack mounted engine will fit near any bike.

    I'm 6 foot 2, 200 pounds and have no problem finding suitable bikes.
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    Welcome to this place!
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    Terrific. Thanks for the insight!