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    HI ALL!

    First off my name is max, i'm 24 years old. I'm new to the motored bicycle world as of about a month ago although I have 2-stroke expierence from owning and working on a go-ped back in my teen years, so i'm a little rusty!

    Anyways my setup is what I believe is the (japanese?) motor. it's the 66cc/80cc motor but came without the instructions and grubee side logo, (Meant to order the grubee 80cc but got this motor from BGF on e-bay.)

    so the 66c/80cc stock- Trying to find an aftermarket carb.. the CNS i believe, if anyone has a suggestion of a good price and place to get one let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.:grin5:

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    Im over here in Greeley.
    This site has a vendors list section you could go through. Or you could type CNS or whatever your looking for in the search engine at google then click the link that comes back to the site. Theres tons of reviews of stuff.
    See Ya Later
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    I'm jelious (spell check doesn't even know how to spell it) of both of you. I live in the Flat country,weak *** ski hills here. Hows the job market there.