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    Hello all. I'm considering adding a motor to my bike for commuting purposes. I'm in SF, and I want to use the motor one way to work (to avoid getting sweaty) and ride home for exercise.

    My planned route is relatively flat, using Golden Gate Park, the Panhandle, and the "Wiggle" to get to Market Street, so I'm thinking 1" roller since I don't need to go too fast and I want a little extra torque for the famous SF hills. I'm not too worried about security, since my building has a locked bike cage, with racks inside the cage.

    I'm considering the Staton kit since they appear highly rated, but 'silvaire' is selling Subaru engines locally near me (in Napa). Can I just buy one of his engines and connect it to the Staton friction drive kit (without engine) along with a fuel tank and I'm good to go? Or do I need to buy other stuff too? Thanks in advance.

  2. You can do that for sure. I have a Staton friction drive kit on one bike and I bought a Robin from silvaire. Both are great. Go for it.
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    Thanks. I've read the BMP has a kit very similar to Staton's, except the key difference is the weak U-bracket. Anyone know if BMP has since rectified this deficiency?