Noob with little to no aspirations..

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    Greetings; just throwing my hat in the ring here with a few questions to come. I like my Chinese Schwinn [I've named it 'Chang' because of the noise it makes while it's dragging me down the porch stair.] alright I guess, just don't like how it makes me work to make it go and the fact it tries to tip over every time I stop.. Working on that one.

    So far, I've got more invested in parts than the cost of the bike.. NOS rocket grips, Torrington signal pedals, Brooks sprung saddle, chrome springer front end. I have done a blueprint drawing of a sidecar, upon which a horizontal shaft engine could be mounted. Either driving the stock rear cogwheel set through a jackshaft or power to the sidecar wheel if I want something that wants only to go in tight LH circles.

    I'm sure I'll have some questions along the way. At least until I find just how impractical this thing is and leave it to mould here in the room behind me. Meh- looks okay in here I guess. Something more to clean.