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    I've been pondering building an ebike/motorised bike for a few months now. I'm getting very diy hobby enthusiastic. Getting into quadcopters and life hacks in general.
    So I have decided not to pour money into this project. I like old vintage stuff which also can be cheaper. Like the bargain Dawes Reynolds bike I got for 35 quid.
    I was originally inspired by seeing a drill powered bike in youtube but it looked very agricultural.
    I have just broken my wired makita circular saw and without the blade decided it fit very nicely into my ladies apologies xc26 heavy as fook frame.
    So now I'm looking at circular saws. and found this forum pointing me towards the scooters. These seem great value for money and much more power than the saw.
    Has anybody built one if their kits.who can advise me on possible pitfalls?
    My other option and in some ways proffered is the 2t kits I see on ebay. I love my 2t motorbikes and love the idea of messing around with my dremel trying to tune it etc. However they are very noisy and illegal on the roads here in uk.
    So ebike for legality and practical reasons as I see the batteries claim 20 hr life?!
    Or fun and speed but possible criminal proceedings/loss of bike 2t power...
    Which to chose?
    Edit:should be noob alert and any other weird bits are autocorrect but it's soul destroying going through every post
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    Which Dawes? They have about forty CURRENT models! I have a 4130 Dawes Galaxy Cross (discontinued) and it is very nice. The 700c wheels are now on my Carrera Gryphon and the 4130 cromoly curved fork is now on my Spesh' Sirrus. The frame is begging me for an old Marzocchi Z1 and a 2 stroke engine, but I've decided to do my first build on a 4130 GT LTS 5 frame (elastomer replaced with a spring for 2" undamped travel) instead.

    A whole GT LTS 5000 (4130 cromoly) ended with 0 bids this week, £95 was the starting bid!

    What do you mean, scooters? On here? I have not seen anything about scooters.
    I think battery power is fine if you want to ride into town and then go straight back home. Anything more adventurous like a trip to the beach you would need to refuel, which you just can't do with a battery.
    I would suggest you get a good look at the traffic free cycle routes and see what cool places you can get to. Find the tips on sound reduction mods, most of the mods are free or virtually free. Of course if you have a driver's licence then you can't risk being caught on an unregistered motor vehicle with no insurance or mot, so you have to electric.