NorCal PBGP Race - Sunday, Aug 10 '08

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    Next NorCal PBGP Race - Sunday, Aug 10 '08
    Come out and join the fun! Scooters, Go-Quads, MRB Karts, Shifter Karts, Microkarts, Pit Bikes, Pocketbikes, Motorized Bicycles. pocketbikeGP runs these races, you should take advantage of the chance to race while you still can.

    Date: Sunday, August 10th, 2008
    Location: 100 W Autumn Street, San Jose, CA (Located behind HP Pavilion in Employee Parking Lot)
    Cost: $35 to race 1 class; $50 for unlimited class; $20 for practice
    Time: Gates open at 10am; Practice starts at 11am; Racing starts at 1pm

    Must Haves: Full-face helmet, Elbow & Knee Pads, Gloves, Padded Neck Support

    more info: (search pocketbikegp)

    or call 408-246-1024

    EMT at every event.

  2. jv52

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    PBGP made a no pedaling rule. Pedaling will be only allowed during the holeshot.
  3. Easy Rider

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    I'll be there John taking on all challengers! haha
  4. Tom

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    What does that mean?
  5. Easy Rider

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    It means that the pedaling will only be allowed at the start of the race. After that no pedaling will after the first turn or during the the rest of the race.