NorCal race March 9, 2008

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    Come out and join the fun! motorized-bicycle, Scooters, Go-Quads, MRB Karts, Microkarts & Pocketbikes. Heck if it has a motor bring it out. We may be able to get Don & Amber to start a class.

    Date: Sunday, March 9, 2008
    Location: 100 W Autumn Street, San Jose, CA (Located behind HP Pavilion in Employee Parking Lot)
    Cost: $35 to race 1 class; $50 for unlimited class; $20 for practice
    Time: Gates open at 10am; Practice starts at 11am; Racing starts at 1pm

    Must Haves: Full-face helmet, Elbow & Knee Pads, Gloves, Padded Neck Support

    EMT at every event.

    Come on out all you Bay Area racers! We'd like to extend an invitation out to the SoCal racers. Come on down and check out the fun NorCal has!

    HP Pavilion Employee Parking Lot
    100 W Autumn St
    San Jose, CA
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  2. w31john

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  3. thatsdax

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    Wow !!!

    Wow.. Those are some really fast bikes for sure !! REally Fast !!! Some close ups of the winning bikes would be cool.. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride..
  4. Those does not sound like my bike...
    I want my bike to sound like that....
    I want my bike to sound like that...
    That is the most awesome video ever.
  5. Zev0

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    ROFLMAO. Get em Large. :grin:
  6. gb123

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    Thats me in the red shirt at near the left side of the line up. I raced with my saddle bag still on, I had tools, 1st aid, and a quart of spare gas! I won! It was really fun. I guess my old dirt biking days paid off.

    My 70cc is stock except an HD walbro carb and the tuned pipe. The bike is a cheap diamondback citi. The Bontrager Comfort tires gripped really well.
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    very kewl video of the race! looks like you guys are having a blast out there.
    happy time = good time
  8. spunout

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    Sweet! righteous pass you made at the :50-second mark.
    i noticed all wearing helmets :)
  9. w31john

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    all racers Must Have: Full-face helmet, Elbow & Knee Pads, Gloves, Padded Neck Support.They also have a EMT at every event.
  10. gb123 where did you buy your motor?
  11. gb123

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    I believe it came from DAX via my friend, Dean.
  12. gb123

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    The picture does not show the Walbro carb I put on.