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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MoonKS, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Ok, so I notice that the more I have been riding the Whizzer (NE5 -2007) the more this has been happening. Here is the pattern - I can ride 10 miles - stopping for lights and such. Then on the way home I take the scenic route through some nice neighborhoods with lots of stop signs. Each time I stop at sign then go...the engine bogs down and sounds like it is going to stall. I pedal to get up to speed and when I give it some throttle...spit...sputter...spit...sputter.... then I get beyond that point and it goes like perfection.

    Same thing happend just now - took it on a 10 mile ride - pretty much a continuous 10 miles with only 2 or 3 stoplights along the route. I turn into the neighborhood with all of the stop signs....and just what I described above happens.

    Then today when I pulled in my driveway (it goes up an incline for about 10 feet - but at the base is a little dip. I hit that dip and the Whizzer just stalled out completely.

    I got off the Whizzer for a few minutes - even though it is 75 degrees out - I could see smoke coming off the engine...very hot.

    Then I saw a few drips of oil on the ground - I looked under the frame and saw a drop there ready to drip. I notice the engine's front side is spattered with oil. It seems as though the oil may be coming from the area in the photo - am I looking at some sort of gasket replacement?

    Sorry - I combined two issues in one thread - it was just all in my train of thought.

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    It sounds like it may be running rich. Pull the plug. Is it black and loaded with carbon? I don't think it's running too hot. Air cooled engines do that from time to time. Make sure your cover plate screws are tight. Hopefully the oil leak is just something loose.
    Good luck.

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    Hi matthew about running check for high float level,you can also go down one size on jet , drill very small hole in botom of fuel cap it makes it in to A two way vent cap. also if your not running A one inch manilold you may want to update ,keeps carb cooler. about gasket -retorq them if that dosnt work replace gaskets hope this helps ..Bill Green
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    Hi, I think Bill Green has commented on all the important issues, but as always I feel a need to make a few extra comments. Most vendors over jet motors to be on the safe side [better rich than lean], and almost always the main jet is too large. I would suggest a #84, or a #86 main jet. I would also consider lowering the needle jet one notch [clip up one notch] as a good starting point. Several other areas to check would be the gaskets & spacers between the carburetor and cylinder [best to take Bill's advice and purchase the new manifold]. You should also check the head bolts [after break-in] and re-torque if necessary[175 to 180 inch pounds on the 8 MM, and 210 inch pounds on the 10 MM]. Another upgrade to consider is using "mushroom" lifters to increase the camshaft duration to aid in low end performance, if your bike dosen't have them [2008 motors have the "mushroom" lifters as stock. The factory settings on the lifter clearance is .009", but when using the mushroom lifters I suggest .006" intake, and .008" exhaust.
    Not sure where you are aquiring the oil on the outside of your motor, but might I suggest completely cleaning the outside and try to see where the oil is comming from. It is most likely a gasket and should be easy to correct.
    Have fun,
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    Hi all thanks Quenton .The add on is rite on the money . what I use at 300 feet above sea level is #84 jet with the needle dropped 1 stot down from center the same as raise the clip up 1 from center.. also I drill all gas caps with small drill bit in plastic only making it into a two way vent (no vapor locking) hope this helps Bill Green
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    I found out where the drip is coming from - there looks some sort of overflow tube that comes out the bottom of the carb - it is wire tied to the frame and sticks straight down. I haven't noticed any dripping for over a week now - but the lower part of the frame right below that - where it was dripping from - is very gunky.
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi MoonKS,
    It might just be the float overflow vent tube, and started working better after the float valve seat "mated" a little better. I would suggest cleaning the area real well and see if any "gunK" shows up again.

    Have fun,
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    Aye, I cleaned it up yesterday as soon as I saw where it was coming from :)