North County San Diego?

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  1. 1 low 64

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    I live in Vista CA near Bonsall/Fallbrook and I'm trying to get some people together so we can roll in a pack and power park at some of these car shows or start some weekend cruises. I can't be the only guy in North County who wants to hit the open road. Send me a personal message if you'd like to help me get something started.:helmet:

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  2. bigdan

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    I live in Point Loma so Vista is a little far for me but maybe we could do something near del mar or more inland near Miramar or even up in the mountains. Santa Isabelle to Julian would be a cool ride. Get some Jalapeno cheese bread from Dudley's and then get an apple pie at Mom's Pie House (because it's the best in Julian) I think Mountain Man lives in SD County and he might be interested in this. From La Jolla to Encinitas might be nice too. They have a car show cruise thing on fridays in escondido or something like that too. It would be cool to go to that in a group.
  3. 1 low 64

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    Very cool, I was beginning to think I was alone. I'm currently without a "working" bike right now thanks to a twisted frame and lack of time but hope to get back on the road soon. Also trying to finish my new project bike. I wouldn't take them to Cruising Grand in Escondido, it's been my experience that Escondido isn't very bicycle friendly so they probably won't like a loud smoky one J. I'm currently trying to find a willing venue for a 10-15 lap series of races or possibly a point to point road rally, knock on wood. I'm also thinking a vintage motorcycle/motorized bicycle show at the Del Mar race trace with possible exhibition laps would be pretty cool.:devilish:

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  4. bigdan

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    What kind of fork is that in the picture. I've been looking for a springer fork like that for a while.
  5. g1manalo

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    lets meet

    im gerry, live in rancho bernardo. golden eagle on a tanaka engine. you have some interesting build hope we can meet.
    hopefully you can show me you bike
  6. hardcharger

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    hey everyone, its nice to see all the response's from san diego, i'm in poway myself. it looks like we gotta good group forming already! hope we can all cruise sometime, fortunatly in S.D. we have so many places to chose from that the hard part is where to begin lol. i'm thinkin somewhere central for starters, the la jolla idea sounds pretty good...

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  7. StoreKeeper

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    Pacific Beach here.

    Rx Bruce/StoreKeeper
  8. rkru

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    I live in Fallbrook. I am just starting to build my MB today. I have an old mountain bike and I ordered a Chinese engine from I'm not sure when I will finish, but I'll be up for a ride when I do. Hopefully the build won't take long.
  9. g1manalo

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    Have We Set A Date Yet
  10. Mountainman

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    hey So Calif -- San Diego close guys

    if you do not mind a slower one with you
    because I got the Station friction 22.5 miles per hour on flat
    I love riding around Mission Bay

    best part about the friction is
    lift that baby up
    and then
    a little cruz down the boardwalk !!!!
    we know how nice that can be
    (warning) can be hard on the eyeballs !!!!

    got me a new bike
    not putting a motor on this one
    but for just peddling around
    how sweet it is

    call me sometime SD riders 619-987-9627

    Mountainman Bob​
  11. marineabilly

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    Oceanside here (stationed aboard CamPen), but currently in Afghanistan. - I don't have a MB yet as I just barely discovered them right before Thanksgiving.
  12. scotto-

    scotto- Member

    Well then.......when we ride'n ?