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  1. thuginfc

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    I was wanting to set up a good ride arounn the pesecola, fort walton, destin pensecola, area since were starting to get oil spill(**** bp) now the tourist arent gonna be as bad as well as traffic not as bad so we could have a good ride **** id ride from pensecola to panama city if everyone else was down for it its bout 95 miles... anyway everyone post what they think the length of a good ride would be. i ride 40-50+ miles daily so a trip for me may be longer then everyone else would want

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    Boy, where were you 2 years ago when I visited my parents in Panama City? I drove 1800 miles from Colorado carrying 2 motorized bikes on my ncar bike rack when I visited. I did a lot of local riding but nothing longer than a couple of hours.

    I hope you have a lot of folks joining you. Make sure to stop at the Red Snapper restaurent for some awesome food!
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    Dang, yeah,
    I wish you were in west central FL. I travel 30-40 miles/day. I would SO be down for a 95 miler. Check with Treewk in Pense. Tell him Nuttsy said to do it!!
    I'll get on him too. He needs the exercise. hahahahhaha
    (jk ron)
  4. thuginfc

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    i had a motor bike then...but wasnt part of the forum.

    yea i hope alot of people wanna join too but theres not many motor bikers around here i see maybe 1 or 2 motor bikes a month and its usually the same 3 guys i always see ridin

    if you mean lucky snapper yea they got some good food at some touristy prices but most places round here give 10% to locals during season
  5. thuginfc

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    so im guessing no one lives near me? pensecola? navarre? panama city? fort walton? destin?

    im really wanting to set up a ride but no one wants to join.. guess im on my own