North Hollywood Ride


Dec 10, 2011
Late in 2015 before AB1096 passed I wanted to demonstrate that ebikes could safely use bike paths. Was I a bit ahead of my time...err,yes! ;) And so on a beautiful 75 degree day under blue skies I set out. I decided to max it down Balboa to illustrate my fine battery transportation. But when I got to the bike path, limitor was on. This tamed the max speed to no more than 20mph though my path average cruising speeds were between 12 to 18mph. What you will notice is on this Sunday, most of the bike paths are vacant, unused. I went for miles and sometimes spotted maybe one person at best. You would think cyclists were out in force on a beautiful day like today or perhaps joggers at midday. Nope, just a lot of empty space. This ride is about ten miles one way. The ebike I used was destroyed by vandals about a month later. A shame, because it was super lightweight and cranked, was really great as a performance bike and aluminum frame. Anyhow, enjoy the long ride, was a total blast and great get away. Again, filmed before I discovered my HD mode, but still decent enough.