North Texas ride



Today was the first "un offical" North Texas Mbc ride. It was a blast. I threw Mr. Toad on the carrier and hauled him up to meet alesterfeind. We went about 20 miles on old farm to market roads and through some pretty classy neighborhoods with wide streets and little to no traffic. We stopped by Lake Lewisville for a rest and also the Fina for some water.
Both bikes ran great, and we were smiling the whole time. We looked each other's bikes over and asked lots of questions. He was kind enough to use his vast knowledge of bikes to mess with my brakes. We discussed our next builds and bikes. It was nice to watch and listen to another MB in action, just so you know yours is working right.
It was 90 degrees here and not a cloud in the sky. I'm a little sun burned, but it was worth it. Many of the fields were covered with little yellow flowers.
He should be sending me info about a local bike buy/sell/trade event comming up in Bedford Oct.20. We'll try and drum up some more intrest with our MBs.
Any one in DFW or north Texas get in contact. The more the merrier.


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Saturday Ride

Couldn't have asked for a better day to ride. Actually, that's Grapevine Lake out there, but we were not far from Lewisville Lake at one point. It's good to get to see another motorized bike and confirm that my bike is running like it should. Looks Augie and Scott did a good job getting the bike fixed.

Yes, anyone interested in the swap meet in Bedford, Texas, this is a link to the flyer:

I have never been to the swap meet, but I have heard a lot about it.

I hope to get more chances to ride along with Scott, and hope others will join as well.


this topic sweetened an already great day...thanks for sharing this with us, i'm glad you guys had a good time :) :cool:


LOL, I was so excited I didn't know what lake I was at.:LOL:
The day ended on a sweet note. When I pulled up in the driveway at home and crawled out of the car, I heard this small voice "Mr. Mathews, could you please put some air in my tires? I have not gotten to ride this bike in a long time." Got the old foot pum out and filled the tires and sprayed some WD40 on the rusty sprockets. I told him I should have some chain oil soon.

It was classmate of my 11 year old. A young boy who I had asked (very respectfully)to watch his language around my kids about a week ago. I felt like the king of Watauga.:D


what a cool story...i dig gettin' the youngsters involved, and you seem the perfect ambassador for that, scott :)


I'm glad u enjoyed yourself...these sorta memories u "log-in" for ages.
Well worthwile trip Scott. :cool: