Northern California Whizzer Ride



Nor-Cal Ride

HI Guys, well when you were down at the Whiz-in did you notice that we were sponsored, hosted and supported by the California Cushman Club?

Wife and I joined the Cushman club 2 or 3 years ago, and one of the benefits of the club membership is that the clubs "ride" or "Tour" insurance will cover rides as long as a few simple rules are followed. This could be a great benefit, as we all know that there are too many "Sue-Happy" people in the golden state.

I'm not fully up to speed on the rules, but one or more of the organizers (or head people at the ride) need to be club members. The club needs to be informed of basic ride details. Helmets must be worn on public property during ride, and obviuosly no drunk or absolutely stupid behaviour.

Aditionally, if I were to ask the Club Prez, I'm sure that Doug could fill me in on what members would be close to that area who are Whizzer owners. Might give us a few more participants?

Pretty simple I would think, and might be a very nice addition to a ride? Whiz-Kid I will probably remember you when we meet again, but the Whiz-In is such a blur, that I cannot picture you at this moment.

I have a basicly stock 05 that I ride, and wifey has her own 05 converted to auto, so I can choose what I want to ride depending on the area.

Let me know what you think,