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    What are the benefits/cons to adding a boost kit or NOS air intake kit to a 2-stroke motorized bike?

  2. motorpsycho

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    Lots of power at the press of a button for the NOS. BUT, it causes a lean condition that will shorten the life of your motor. technically you have to add a secondary fuel source to go along with the NOS to richen the mixture up, and with these carbs. there really isn't a way to do that. (and the kits don't offer a way to do it)you could make the carb run really rich, but then it would not run very well when riding and not using the NOS.
    On a car NOS kit, you have 2 electric for the NOS and a second one for added fuel. The NOS and fuel solenoids have jets in them to make the h.p. ranges adjustable. When you activate the NOS, both solenoids open spraying NOS and added fuel under prssure. The added fuel is where the power comes from...the NOS just aids in the burning process. Like having a smoldering fire, and then blowing pure oxygen on it under pressure.

    a boost bottle is an empty bottle that takes fuel vapor that is spit back out of the intake, and stores it on the exhaust stroke. On the intake stoke, that fuel vapor is sucked back into the intake manifold, which puts more fuel vapor into the cylinder. I'm not sure as to how much increase a boost bottle will make, but the idea is simple, safe and from what i have heard others say...they work ok.
    it's a very generic way of getting a supercharged effect, but again, not sure how much effect you will get out of one.
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    I think boost bottles are a sham. While I understand the principles on which they supposedly operate, I seriously doubt the pressure and return pulses do much good through the little hoses that connect the bottles.
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    i agree with you. the concept is good, but weather they actually do anything or not is anyones guess.

    if you want instant power that is noticeable, then NOS is the way to go.
    BUT, it could kill your motor before it's time.
    If the NOS kits offered solenoids, with the ablity to add a secondary pressurized fuel source, then i wouldn't think twice about adding it to my bike.
    the fact that there is no secondary fuel source to make up for the lean condition, makes me not want to try it.
    i guess it could be done tho if some thought was put into it.
    Get a small canister to hold some gas/oil mix that you could pressurize with air.
    figure out a hose and nozzle /jet size, and a way to shoot the fuel into the intake (a small solenoid between the line and the jet) at the same time that you pull the NOS trigger.
    i thik it could be done but it woudl just take some trial and error and a little inginuity.
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    NOS not the first thing

    With the admitted limitations of the current NOS systems I would go with a tuned pipe first and then maybe a shaved head gasket. I know they work and don't have the same drawbacks. Then if you are looking for a bit more power then maybe go for NOS.

    This is a two stroke engine right? four stroke aren't as well known to me.

    Mike frye
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    i run one on my bike and it gives a cool small burst of power, so for what the kit is , it is a good upgard for a small amount of money. plus cool to tell your friend my bike has a nos kit !!