NOs Injection : Pros and Cons

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by slimshady, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. slimshady

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    I am thinking of installing a nos kit and was wondering if there are adverse effects and the speed boosts people have gotten. Any past experience stories are welcome.

  2. motorpsycho

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    the pros: you get a nice burst of power when you hit the button.

    the cons: "BANG" if you don't richen your air-fuel ratio.
    the correct way to run nitrous is to have a nitrous supply under pressure, and an additional fuel supply that is also under pressure. the addition fuel supply should inject fuel when the nitrous button is pushed which richens the mixture when you use the nitrous.
    Nitrous creates a very lean condition in the cylinder, so you need to add more fuel to compesate the mixture.
    Plus, nitrous is not flammable, it helps fuel burn faster like a catylist.
    by cramming as much fuel-air inthe cylinder and adding nitrous to help it all burn, gives you a much bigger explosion in the cylinder, creating more power. it isn't so much the nitrous creating the power, it's the nitrous helping additional fuel burn in the cylinder,
    plus, nitrous will lower the intake temp a ton, and cold air/fuel burns a lot better than warm air/fuel whcih also helps make more power.

    I am not saying that the nitrous kit for these engines is a bad thing, and i have not heard anyone say that their engines blew up from it.
    it's not that nitrous will blow up your engine, it's the lean condition caused by nitrous without adequate fuel, which will eventually melt your piston.
  3. give me vtec

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    It was kinda cool for a couple good pulls. Only problem is that you need multiple gears to take advantage of the xtra power.... Otherwise it's just a quick ride to redline.

    Honestly it's not worth the money or wear and tear.

    If you do buy one only squeeze it a little because it isn't regulated... If you pull it all the way your engine will just die out because of too much oxidizer. Try to avoid excesivly high revs.
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  4. slimshady

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    Thanks guys. Yea im leaning towards not doing it but its a cool idea.
  5. HeadSmess

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    its sorta cool. the stuffs great to play blow it through a cigarette... watch that thing burn! or into the flame of a lighter...anyone need an oxy torch? and being heavier than air, it makes your voice drop a few semitones in pitch...just like argon welding gas :D the opposite to helium

    into an engine? sorta silly. watch madmax2 for an idea of the end results :p you hit trucks at high speeds....

    yes, yes, ppl do it, i know, i know. it does work, but reliable setups are complex and expensive.

    a cheap kit? if you do buy one...a tip. buy your bulbs through a hospitality industry supplier.... cream whippers are NOS, soda siphons are CO2. they are the cheapest bulk suppliers i know of. youll get twenty for the price of 5 on ebay... food/medical grade.

    for anyone that understands the real operation of NOS in an engine... i say this. ive moved onto a far better alternative, thats cheap, liquid at room temp, non-flammable, technically street legal as its not commonly used...

    its basically hyped up water... any guesses?
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  6. loquin

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    Hydrogen peroxide, eh?
  7. Old Bob

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    NOS like any other power adder is all too often used as a patch for an engines short comings.

    Put nitrous on an engine, I'll give you one fill up of it and lets race cross country, the laughing gas will run out very quick, where proper mods don't.
  8. HeadSmess

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    ;) got it... now start experimenting....

    it has a few benefits.

    water alone, being a liquid, is incompressible. raises the compression ratio.

    it also tends to turn to steam, adding pressure. wether it disassociates to hydrogen and oxygen then adds to the combustion is irrelevant. end product is steam. more steam than would be present otherwise.

    it cools the intake air.
    water mist is often added to turbos with inadequate intercoolers.

    now combine this with peroxide, that contains an extra, easily displaced, oxygen atom...

    even 3% (10 vol) is a lot of oxygen to be adding.... thankfully theres the water there to prevent the detonation.

    i sorta thought of it when i found out why they use NOS instead of pure oxygen. :D
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