Not a bad winter so far



The days have been in the 50's here in Michigan this December. I took my bike out for a short 7 mile putt tonight. Had to slow down for some deer that just stood in the road looking at me. I guess I looked weird to them.

It's been pretty nice down here also...about 65 today, but it's supposed to get cold for the weekend. Cold down here is about 45 highs. :LOL:

I rode my bike some more this afternoon also. Just trying to get some time and miles on the engine around the neighborhood. I've only burned about a quart of gas so far. Right now I don't want to ride it any farther from home than I want to walk!
40's here, but wet, wet, wet, my rainsuit takes care of that, and like steve i need the break-in miles.

steve, carry your basic toolkit, for real, 'specially a leatherman 8)
NEVER leave home without your leatherman tool or gerber multiplier. you WILL need it the most when you don't have it. :devilish: