Not all that new. My second Attempt at both; the build, and the forum.

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    So the first time I bought one of these engine kits. I got it from Boy Go Fast on ebay. Terrible idea, it was literally trash, the fuel line and the chain were about the only things I could use off it. I no longer have that bicycle or engine kit. I'm still mad though, if anyone knows where boy go fast lives.... lol I did however, get the opportunity to diagnose almost every problem the engine could have. That should help me get this second project together.

    Anyway, I have a "Grubee GT5 80/66cc Silver SkyHawk Bicycle Engine Kit " on the way from I want to put it on this 29" Genesis cruiser they have at wal-mart (.com too) .

    The only problems is the bike is a single speed with coaster breaks. I was thinking I could use this 26" mountain bike someone gave me for free to help me out with that. Does anyone know if its even possible to convert a 29" cruiser into a multi-speed bike using a 26" Mt. bike for the parts?

    Questions, comments, hints, criticism all welcome! Oh and I know some of these parts aren't gonna last, but its what i got to work with right now.


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    Welcome to the forum. I lived in Quantico, VA for a while. I like the green cable housing.
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    Welcome (back)to the forum. The questions you asked are well above my knowledge of bicycles but good luck, and I'll be following along to see what the experts say too.
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    I wish I could ride this thing back up to northern VA from southern NC. That would be awesome! My drivers license is suspended in VA though and you cant ride these there w/ a suspended license.

    It seems like people who live in a state that does not require registration or license of any type, can ride through states with laws saying you DO need a special license or permit for motorized bikes or mopeds though.

    Soooo if I live in a state (NC) that says you can ride a moped regardless of your drivers license status, in a state where residents can not, am I breaking the law? I'm a resident of NC but VA is the state that took my license, AND the one I'll be in riding this thing. lol I need a lawyer for my bicycle!
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    Ok so it's done... Ish. Now sine I'm technically new and introducing the bike as well as myself. Where should I ask questions about my problems... Like the 20mph max speed on my 66cc? Lol why? I'll post all my problems probably after I find out why they happen.

    Anyway it's still way fun and if it holds up6 months and I can get an extra 5-10 mph out of it, it'll be well worth the $230 and be free bike. :) pics;

    Why can I not post pics from the iPod? later
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    welcome!,.. build looks ok,.. i would invest in some cable ties though,...